SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Review

You love all your pets, but sometimes there’s a need to play favorites.

If one of your cats is missing out on feeding time because they’re being dominated by a bigger, hungrier fur ball, you need a cat feeder that only opens for them.

If your kitty isn’t microchipped, you can opt for an RFID alternative – a cat collar that activates a cat feeder.

It’s brilliant.

At a Glance…

Best Feature: Microchip & RFID collar compatible

Worst Feature: No true Intruder Mode

Ideal For: Kittens, Cats, Multi-Cat Homes, Multi-Pet Homes, Microchips, RFID Collars, Portion Control, Dry Food, Wet Food

  • Microchip & collar compatible
  • Automatic lid
  • 400 ml bowl
  • 3-year warranty
  • For multi-pet homes

Our Verdict: To protect your cat’s mealtimes from other kitties and pets, a SureFeed Feeder that can read microchips and RFID collars is a must-have. The fact that it’s also covered with a 3-year warranty adds great value to the buy. 

Who is the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Best Suited to?

This is a one-button programming cat feeder that is designed to open and close for the furry, 4-legged owner of the bowl. An RFID collar is included in the buy, but if your cat is micro-chipped, you can program it to the SureFeed feeder too.

Since this isn’t a portion control dispenser that provides food at preset timings throughout the day, it’s better suited for cats who are already established grazers that have no issues with weight control. They can come and go as they please, and you can be assured that the door is only going to open for them.

How Does the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Perform?

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Pet owners know how hard it can be to keep pets at their designated bowls during feeding times. There’s always one or two that dominates the feeding area and wants more than their fair share.

The SureFeed feeder has an automatic lid opener/closer that activates only to the RFID number assigned to the feeder.

You can regulate and monitor how much the new owner of the bowl is eating throughout the day. You can spoil your kitty with both dry and wet food as you can keep them separated with the included split bowl. If you have your cat on a diet, you can portion control with the single 400 ml bowl.

If you’re worried about your food-motivated cat knocking it over to steal food, you won’t have that issue. The feeder is bottom heavy, and the lid stays closed even if your hulk of a cat manages to turn it on its side.

Features & Benefits

Microchip & RFID Collar Compatible

Whether your cat is microchipped or has an RFID tag, the SureFeed feeder is compatible with both styles because it’s the RFID number that gets programmed. It will work with 9 Avid Secure, 10 FDXA, and 15 FDXB numbers.

If you don’t have an RFID collar for your kitty yet, no problem. The SureFeed feeder comes with one in the buy.

Automatic Lid

Do you like old, stale food? Didn’t think so. So, why should your cat eat stale food? While a lid sounds like a no-brainer solution to keep your little hunter from digging around and making a mess, it also serves to keep their food fresher longer.

The clear lid automatically opens and closes when it reads the registered RFID enter and leave the sensor area. The lid closes against a neoprene seal on the bowl’s edge that helps to retain moisture, freshness, and of course, the smell of cat food.

The lid can be programmed with different timings to help your cat adjust to the lid’s movement and whirring noise.

400 ml Bowl

If your cat is an established grazer that maintains their weight, you’ll do fine with the SureFeed feeder. It comes with a 400 ml grey bowl and a grey split bowl. You can fit two 2.5 ounces of wet food into the single bowl or use the split bowl for wet and dry food.

You can also opt for different color bowls, mats, or stainless-steel bowls. They must be purchased separately.

However, they are not dishwasher or microwavable-safe. While they’re easy to remove, they must be handwashed.


The SureFeed is covered with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, so if you have any issues, the manufacturer will take care of it.

It’s not uncommon for new replacements to be sent to the buyer if there’s any issue, but be sure to register your feeder with the company. For the warranty to be honored, the feeder must be bought through an authorized dealer.


No True Intruder Mode

While not mentioned in the instructions, there is an Intrude Custom Mode that can be set. If the feeder detects that the owner of the bowl has been pushed out of the way by a greedy competitor, it will automatically close.

However, this only works if the owner leaves the area of the sensor. If another cat or dog feeds alongside the owner, the feeder stays open.

A design feature that would combat this issue would be the door closing as soon as it detects a foreign tag regardless if the owner is present. Unfortunately, the SureFeed feeder does not have this design.

Popular Questions

How is the SureFeed Cat Feeder Powered?

The SureFeed feeder is powered with 4x C batteries. Batteries are not included in the package. There is no option to use an external power source such as an AC adapter.

The batteries are said to last 6-12 months, but usage will vary. A low battery indicator will turn on when batteries need to be replaced.

Can the SureFeed Feeder be used for Dogs?

The automatic feeder is really designed for cats, even obese cats. However, since the feeder operates on a sensor that reads a microchip or collar and not the animal, it could be used for a dog.

You must consider the dog’s height and size as it must be able to feed comfortably underneath the top hood. It really depends on where the chip or the tag is placed so the sensor can see and read the RFID number.  

Does the SureFeed Microchip Feeder Come with a Rear Cover?

The feeder does not come with a rear cover. SureFeed offers a rear cover for this specific feeder model, but it must be purchased separately. The rear cover prevents other furry pals from feeding through the side or the rear and getting in on the goods while the lid is open.

Can Multiple Cats Feed from the Same SureFeed Feeder?

The SureFeed feeder can be programmed to register up to 32 tags. Ideally, it should be one feeder per tag, but there is the option to add additional tags if you change out your cat’s collar or assign multiple cats to the same one.

However, with the small 400 ml bowl, you would need to refill the bowl as often as it takes to feed multiple pets.

How Fast does the Lid Close After the Cat Leaves the Feeder?

This is a customizable feature that you can set. You set the time it takes for the lid to close after the owner of the bowl leaves the feeder. This ensures that an intruder cat does not polish off what’s left in the bowl after the owner has left.


Sometimes, you must play favorites if your cat isn’t getting their fair share. A cat feeder that only responds to a specific RFID may be a game changer in your household.

Whether you’re keeping other pets out or your cat needs a specific diet or medication, a cat feeder that is RFID-activated will streamline feeding times. When bullies are stealing your cat’s food, playing favorites means playing fair.

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