SureFeed Microchip Connect Pet Feeder Review

Do you need detailed information on how much your cat is consuming when they’re consuming it?

Instead of guesstimating portions and setting up a Nanny cam to help gather this information, get a cat feeder that does the heavy lifting for you.

The SureFeed Microchip Connect with the Hub device is a smart cat feeder that presents all the information you need straight to your phone.

It’s not a cheap buy.

To understand exactly what it offers and what it doesn’t, purr your way over here.

At a Glance…

Best Feature: Connect version

Worst Feature: No true intruder mode

Ideal For: Kittens, Cats, Multi-Cat Homes, Multi-Pet Homes, Microchips, RFID Collars, Portion Control, Monitor, Dry Food, Wet Food, App Compatibility

  • Connect to Sure Petcare app
  • Microchip & collar compatible
  • Automatic lid
  • Portion control
  • 3-year warranty

Our Verdict: For ultimate control over your cat’s diet, you need a cat feeder that is specifically tailored to that specific cat. The SureFeed Microchip Connect cat feeder will send you alerts throughout the day so that you can stay on top of your cat’s feeding habits. Better yet, the feeder will only open for the registered microchip or collar.  

Who is the SureFeed Microchip Connect with Hub Pet Feeder Best Suited to?

The Microchip Connect Pet Feeder is for the established grazer that does well eating small portions throughout the day. The lid will automatically open when it reads the RFID number of the registered cat and will allow them to snack.

While this is a convenient feature for the cat, it’s really a feeder that’s designed to help provide peace of mind to the human owner. With alerts, food portion control, and detailed data of each feeding, you can monitor your cat’s eating habits and share it with your vet.

How Does the SureFeed Microchip Connect with Hub Pet Feeder Perform?

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Having control over your cat’s feeding habits comes with knowledge. Having inside knowledge of your cat’s feeding habits is hard to acquire unless you’re watching them 24/7. Let the SureFeed cat feeder do all the work in monitoring your kitty’s feeding behavior and present this information all on your phone.

The Connect version has integrated LED lights for accurate portion controls, can measure how much food is remaining in the bowl, when your cat eats, and how long your pet was at the bowl.  

If you have multiple pets, the Microchip Connect Feeder is a must-have as the lid will only open to the registered RFID number. It’s designed this way and performs as expected. Since it works with both collars and microchips, it’s a very convenient feeder that’s worth the price.

Features & Benefits

Connect Version

Why choose a pet feeder that can connect to your phone? If you need to monitor your cat’s feeding habits, there’s no better way to do it than with an app.

The Sure Petcare app links to the smart SureFeed feeder by way of the Hub. The Hub is a device that connects to your home router. Through the app, you can collect data of your cat’s feeding styles such as frequency, duration, portions, and times. Knowing this information allows you and your vet to clue into feeding changes that could be a sign of sickness.

Microchip & Collar Compatible

The SureFeed feeder senses and reads RFID numbers. This means that your microchipped cat can be programmed to the feeder. If you want an alternative, you can always use RFID collars. You program the RFID number with the feeder, and it will only open for the kitty with the registered chip or collar.

You won’t have to worry about other RFID tags or microchipped pets in the house because the feeder only responds to the programmed RFID. If you want to register another microchipped or tagged pet, you can do that too.

One RFID collar is included with the SureFeed feeder. This is an appreciated accessory even if you have a chipped cat because it depends on where the microchip is that allows the sensor to read it. If it’s in a hard to detect place, use the included collar.

Automatic Lid

The feeder has an automatic lid that opens only when the registered chip or collar is in the sensor reading area. Pets that like to stray from one bowl to another won’t have any luck getting into this pet feeder.

You can also set the time it takes for the lid to close after the registered kitty has left the bowl. Some cats can be pretty quick to dive in before the lid closes, but the lid will continue to close because the owner of the bowl has left.

Portion Control

The pet feeder comes with a single 400 ml bowl or two grey bowls in a split design. You can measure out portions up to 1-gram accuracy with the LED indicator lights. Set the portion size on the app and fill the bowl until all the lights are green.

You should know that it’s not a portion control dispenser, so it does not dispense a small portion at set timings. What you put in the bowl is what is available for the cat to eat whenever they approach the feeder. You can monitor what has been eaten, when it’s been eaten, and how much of it what they ate in any feeding.

3-Year Warranty

For such an expensive cat feeder, you can bet that it’s warrantied. It has a 3-year coverage plan, and Sure PetCare has been said to provide excellent customer service and brand-new replacements.

You can warranty your feeder through the app for automatic warranty coverage.


No True Intruder Mode

Unfortunately, if another pet is zealous in stealing your cat’s food while the owner of the bowl is feeding, there is no real way to keep them out short of removing the registered cat to close the lid.

Some cats will settle for sharing if it means they can get at least a mouthful of kibble, but if the registered kitty does not leave the sensor area, the lid will remain open for all pals to share.

Popular Questions

Can you Set Different Portion Amounts for Each Side in the SureFeed Connect Cat Feeder?

Yes. Each side has independent scales, so you can use the split bowls and put a certain amount of dry food in one and a certain amount of wet food in the other. The app will alert you to how much has been consumed and is remaining in each bowl.

Is a Hub Required for Every SureFeed Microchip Connect Feeder?

No. You only need one Hub device, and you can then link multiple SureFeed Microchip Connect Feeders to the Hub. To sync a SureFeed Feeder to the Hub, it must be the compatible Connect model.

What is Included with the SureFeed Microchip Connect Cat Feeder?

The SureFeed cat feeder comes with the Hub device, an RFID collar, a grey 400 ml bowl, two half bowls, and a grey, rubber mat.

Additional colors or stainless bowls must be purchased separately.

Are the Bowls Dishwasher Safe?

The bowls are not dishwasher safe as they have a neoprene lip that helps to provide the airtight storage benefits when the lid closes. They must be cleaned by hand.

What Type of Batteries does the SureFeed Cat Feeder Take?

You will need to purchase 4x C batteries to operate the feeder. The feeder is designed to make batteries last approximately six months, but this will vary depending on usage, battery brand, and if they’re alkaline or rechargeable.


The SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder doesn’t claim to be anything than what it is. It’s not an automatic dispensary, but it does have integrated scales, an automatic lid that provides multiple benefits, and an RFID number reader.

To closely monitor your cat’s feeding habits, share this info with the vet, and ensure that it’s the right cat getting the food or medication it needs in the sizes it’s supposed to have, SureFeed is the sure way to go.

Sure Petcare - SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect with Hub - WiFi Link...
  • Connects to the Sure Petcare app via the Hub (HUB INCLUDED AND PACKAGED IN BOX)

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