6 Out Of This World Decorations For A Space Themed Aquarium

There are so many fun and creative things you do with with your fish tank or aquarium to fit your personality.

If you’re the type of person who loves to look up and marvel at the stars at night, perhaps even contemplating how we’re in our own giant fish tank of a universe, then a space-themed aquarium will be so much fun.

The coolest part about putting together a space themed aquarium is that there are plenty of freshwater fish and saltwater fish that look like they came right from space, so with some clever decorating, you’ve got your very own episode of Star Trek or Cosmos.

Here’s a look at six different toys and accessories you can add to your tank in order to get that spacey vibe, and then we’ll cover some of the most common questions that people have just in case you’re still unsure about anything!


6) A Space Background

This particular background is available in a number of different sizes, so choose the one that’s big enough to cover the entire back of your aquarium.

If part of the background sticks over the edges, just trim it down. That’s better than having one that isn’t long enough or tall enough to cover the distance of your aquarium.

You can affix it to the back of your aquarium, and with the right lights and other accessories, this background can really bring it all together.


5) Coconut (Meteorite/Moon)

Niteangel 2 Pack Natural Coconut Reptile Hideouts, Lizard, Spider and...
  • Made of Real Coconut.
  • Provides secure hiding place, relieve pressure.
  • Can be used in wet or dry surroundings.
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  • Diameter about 5 inches (some may be different size because of the natural growth).

These two coconuts are smooth so they don’t hurt your fish’s fins, which is something you need to be careful about when adding things to your aquarium.

A little hiding space is something you’ll always want to have in your fish tank, bettas need a little nook like this, as do many other types of fish. The nice thing about these coconuts is that they kind of look like the surface of a planet, or a meteorite that has crash landed.


4) Space Dog

Saim Diving Space Dog Aquarium Decoration Fish Tank Ornament, Non-Toxic &...
  • Add some fun to your aquarium.
  • A space dog in the water looks very interesting.
  • SIZE: Dog 2.6”x2.5”, ball 0.95” Manual measurement, there is a small error.
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Okay, this one is a bit kitsch, but how could we resist including a space dog on this list? Don’t worry, he’s got a helmet on with plenty of oxygen, so he’ll be just fine in there.

It has a little floater at the top, so the dog is actually suspended, and will rest somewhere in between the water level and the bottom of your tank. It’s a really cool effect, as long as you aren’t going for a super-serious space type of feel for your tank. Considering the low price, and uniqueness of this aquarium decoration, it’s a must-have even if you don’t have a space theme, if you’re looking to add some fun!


3) Space Volcano

Sunyiny Aquarium Decor Small Air Bubble Stone Volcano Oxygen Pump Resin...
  • Volcano Size: 3.3 x 2.2x 0.8 inch
  • Package Content: 1 x Aquarium Volcano Bubble Maker Decoration
  • Resin decoration, non-toxic, safe for use, creates water currents and dazzling underwater scenes.
  • Create abundant small bubbles, suitable for aquarium, fish tank and circulation system
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What makes this a space volcano instead of just a regular volcano? Absolutely nothing, but if you put it in a space-themed fish tank, it becomes a space volcano. That’s just how volcanic law works.

If you have an air pump system setup, you can attach the volcano to create bubbles in your tank. If you don’t have one yet, it’s worth looking into, as there are a number of other decorations and accessories that you can attach, too.


2) Flowers and Plants

These artificial plants are perfect for a spacey theme, they look very sci-fi, and look even better if you’ve got a colored light for your aquarium. They have a couple other packs available, click through them over at Amazon to see the other options.

The bottoms of these fake plants have suckers on them so that they can attach themselves right to the bottom of your aquarium, or presumably to the sides of it as well if you want to get extra creative.


1) Decorative Air Pump

Aquarium Decor Air Bubble Stone Blue Coral Starfish Oxygen Pump Resin...
  • Size: 13x15.5cm; Material: Resin
  • Color: White,Brown,Yellow; Package Content: 1 x Aquarium Bubble Maker Decoration
  • Resin decoration, non-toxic, safe for use, creates water currents and dazzling underwater scenes.
  • Create abundant small bubbles, suitable for aquarium, fish tank and circulation system
  • Connect to the air pump to increase oxygen, lower CO2 and raise PH in the aquarium.(Air pump is NOT...

Here’s another air pump accessory. This one is supposed to look like coral and other things you would find in the depth of the ocean, but it’s colorful and unique looking enough that it would easily fit into a space motif as well. An aquarium decoration with an air pump adds another level of “life” to your tank, so to speak. This piece is about 6 inches tall, and about 5 inches wide.


Final Thoughts

As you’ve noticed, when it comes to creating specific designs in your aquarium, sometimes you’ll have to borrow from other themes and get creative. There aren’t a ton of aquarium accessories that are dedicated to space. There are some, but if you really want to fill a tank, you’ll need to improvise like we did with numbers 1, 3, and 5 on the above list.

If you’ve got any other ideas of things that you can incorporate into a space-themed fish tank, make sure you stop by our Facebook page and leave a comment, we’ll do our best to add all of the best suggestions to this article! While you’re there, hit Like to have your Facebook wall filled with adorable pets, important information for pet lovers, and more!


Questions and Answers:

Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions about space-themed aquariums, and fish tank decorations in general. If we didn’t answer your question in the rest of the article, hopefully you’ll find it here! If not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you have, while also improving this resource for the rest of our readers.

How to clean aquarium decorations? 

If you’ve got a nice little setup going on, that probably means you’ll have more little nooks and crannies on your various decorations, which can get covered with all sorts of aquarium gunk. It’s often recommended to start by boiling them in a pot of water on your stove, and using an old (or new – just not one you’ll use in your mouth!) toothbrush to clean them. You can also make a 95% water and 5% bleach solution to clean them and ensure you’ve gotten all of the algae. Just make sure to rinse them VERY well and give them some time to dry properly before you re-integrate them into your tank.

How to make aquarium decorations at home?

When it comes to homemade decorations, it’s good to stick to natural things like pebbles, wood, etc. You can also use terracotta pots, old coffee mugs, and even LEGO and other old toys and action figures. It’s good to avoid painting homemade stuff that you’re making, unless you’re sure that the specific paint you have is safe for water and fish.


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