Phycox vs Dasuquin vs GlycoFlex For Dogs With Joint Problems

Like humans, dogs feel the effects of aging. As they get older, they can experience deterioration in their joints and the pain of arthritis.

If you have a dog that is entering the senior years, joint and hip supplements can help prevent the breakdown of cartilage and fluids in the joints.

The best hip and joint supplements for dogs will help promote healthy cartilage and provide relief from the daily wear and tear stresses on joints.

How to Choose?

When you are choosing between dog joint supplements, you will want to search for key ingredients that help promote healthy joints and allow your aging canine to walk and run comfortably.

The first ingredient, glucosamine, is a substance that is already present in joint fluid. It helps with the repair of cartilage. As people and dogs age, the amount of glucosamine the body produces decreases, so supplementation can help in keeping the cartilage healthy.

Another key ingredient in joint supplements for dogs is chondroitin, one of the building blocks of cartilage. MSM is another ingredient that contributes to joint health for dogs.

MSM is a sulfur compound that is believed to aid in joint flexibility and provide anti-inflammatory effects. These three ingredients are most commonly found in some of the best joint supplements for dogs.

Glyco-flex III for Dogs

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One recommended supplement for dogs is Glyco-flex III. This supplement is available in a chewable tablet or soft chew form and is chicken flavored so your dog will love it.

This supplement was specially formulated for geriatric and high activity dogs. In addition to high doses of glucosamine and MSM, this product contains the ingredient Perna Canaliculus (Green Lipped Mussel), which is an excellent source of chondroitin sulfate, protein and minerals.

This product especially good for older dogs with advanced arthritis and patients recovering from orthopedic surgery. Glyco-flex is available without a prescription and is safe to use with prescription pain medication.

You can expect to see improvement in your dog’s activity after using the supplement consistently for about 1-3 weeks. An owner of a 10 year old Labrador Retriever tried Glycoflex and reported his dog was soon acting like a 2 to 3 year old again. Another owner indicated this supplement restored their 14 year old Shepherd’s agility.

Dasuquin with MSM for Dogs

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Another good dog joint supplement is Dasuquin with MSM. The supplement is available in soft chew or chewable tablet form and provides comprehensive support for joint health. It has a pork liver flavor that many dogs like.

In addition to containing glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM at effective levels, this product also has avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU) powder. ASU works with glucosamine and chondroitin to multiply their effect by blocking the enzymes that break down cartilage.

The ingredients in this product work together to help reduce inflammation and degeneration in the joints. You can get this supplement in different doses depending on the size of your dog. It is available without a prescription, but it is safe to be used in combination with prescription pain medications.

This product was designed to help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs. Once you start using this supplement, you should see results in 1-3 weeks. One customer with a dog suffering from hip dysplasia reported that after using the product for about a week, she felt like she had a “whole new dog”.

Another customer with an 8 year old Great Dane shared in a review that her dog went from always being stiff and having trouble standing up to playing and running in the yard with their puppy after about 2 weeks of administration.

Phycox for Dogs

PSCH Phycox Max 90 Count Canine Soft Chews
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  • Improved cardiac and urinary tract health

Phycox comes in soft chews, small chewable bits, granules, or hypoallergenic soft chews. The supplement is liver flavored so dogs will want to eat it. The key ingredient in Phycox is phycocyanin, which is a blue-green algae extract.

Phycocyanin blocks the enzymes that produce joint inflammation and supports the immune system by fighting the free radicals that can damage cells. This supplement also contains glucosamine, MSM, and omega 3 fatty acids to help reduce inflammation and promote healthy cartilage.

Other ingredients, such as boron and creatine monohydrate support bone and muscle health.

Phycox is formulated to help reduce the inflammation and discomfort associated with arthritis or orthopedic injuries. It is safe to use with prescription pain medications but does not require a prescription to buy. You can expect to see results in 1-3 weeks.

One customer with an older Labrador Retriever that had multiple orthopedic injuries and arthritis in the hind legs gave an enthusiastic review. With a few doses, the dog went from not being able to get up on a couch or bed or to walk down the stairs without falling to showing only a minor limp.

Another customer turned to Phycox as a last resort after other supplements showed no change in her Cocker Spaniel’s hip pain. She said it saved her dog’s life and recommends it for any dog with joint pain.

GlycoFlex vs Dasuquin vs Phycox

When you are looking for the best joint supplement for dogs, you will want to consider the type of support you need for your own four footed friend. Each of the above three supplements reviewed above targets different needs:

Glycoflex is an excellent supplement for sporting or working dogs and for those recovering from orthopedic surgery.

The high levels of glucosamine and MSM in conjunction with the chondroitin from Perna are effective to support cartilage repair and reduce inflammation.

If you are looking for a product to support an aging dog and ease the discomfort of degenerative arthritis, Dasuquin with MSM contains lower levels of glucosamine and MSM along with chondroitin to ease the pain of arthritis and prevent further degeneration.

The addition of ASU (Avocado/Soy Bean Unsaponifiables) in the supplement further prevents breakdown of cartilage.

Phycox is a good supplement to ease pain from joint injuries and arthritis. In addition to glucosamine and MSM to help promote joint health, the phycocyanin and omega 3 fatty acids reduce painful inflammation and support the body’s ability to heal.

If your dog suffers from food allergies to animal proteins, Phycox has a hypoallergenic solution so you don’t have to choose between joint pain or allergic reactions.

Once you choose the right supplement for your dogs joint health needs you should be able to notice a difference in 1-3 weeks. Happy customers of each of the above supplements have reported improvements in attitude and activity of their dogs.

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