Felines Only – The Purrrfect Cat Dish Review

If you can’t splurge on the cost for a microchip or collar sensor cat feeder, consider a selective cat feeder instead.

They’re cheaper, easier to use, and they don’t require a power source.

In this case, the selective feeder comes in the form of a cat-designed feeder made for the unique feeding positions of a cat.

The Felines Only Purrrfect Cat Dish is a great cat feeder for your multi-pet home, but it will take some effort on your part to make it a successful deterrent to cat food-eating dogs. 

At a Glance…

Best Feature: Restricted-access feeder

Worst Feature: No lids

Ideal For: Kittens, Cats, Multi-Cat Homes, Multi-Pet Homes, Dry Food, Wet Food

  • Restricted-access feeder
  • Two bowls
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Securing hardware
  • Plastic hood

Our Verdict: The Purrrfect Cat Dish is for multi-pet homes. It’s designed for cats but specifically for those that are established free-feeders as they’ll have free access to their food unless you keep the dish empty in between feedings. Since dogs and cats have different feeding positions, your dog will soon learn it’s too much work to try to steal the cat’s food.

Who is the Felines Only The Purrrfect Cat Dish Best Suited to?

Cat owners with more than one cat will appreciate the free-feeding design needed to satisfy multiple cats throughout the day. It’s perfectly designed for cats, and it’s supposed to keep dogs out, but it does take willingness on the owner’s part to train their dogs as well.

Although smaller dogs could have the advantage of being able to fit their heads in through the access ports, it would still be awkward to try to steal food comfortably due to the low, small access holes and eyebrow caps design.

However, we can’t underestimate a dog’s food-motivated intelligence, so it would be better suited for households that have significant size differences between their pets such as cats and large dogs.

How Does the Felines Only The Purrrfect Cat Dish Perform?

The Purrrfect Cat Dish is a veterinarian designed cat feeder that caters to the specific position in which cats eat. They crouch and feed closer to the ground with unique neck and shoulder movement that can be difficult for a dog to mimic.

The hood is removable and that’s how you fill the cat’s bowls. Plastic docks on the sides allows the hood to snap in place. 

The build quality is decent for such a contraption and can hold up to curious dogs, but kicks from young kids or aggressive treatment from a large dog can break the plastic hood.

The cat dish doesn’t require a power supply, is easy to clean, and has two bowls that makes it a convenient and low-maintenance cat feeder.

Features & Benefits

Restricted-Access Cat Feeder

This is a type of selective or restricted-access cat feeder with an ergonomic design specifically for cats. This would work for multi-pet homes to keep larger dogs out of the cat’s food. They can’t fit their heads into the access holes, and they can’t paw food out because of the plastic hood.

The plastic hood deters even small dogs from feeding from the cat feeder as they would need to bend their neck and use shoulder contortion to mimic a cat’s feeding position.

Even though the cat feeder doesn’t have any fancy technology to keep dogs out, the Purrrfect Dish proves that all it takes is a cat-specific hood to do the job.

Two Bowls

The Cat Dish has a black base that comes with twin-molded bowls, so you technically don’t have any removable bowls in this design. However, the entire black base is easy to clean and is also dishwasher-safe. You can purchase bowls separately if you’d prefer to remove them.

The molded bowls are large enough to hold up to one cup of dry food each. While you can use wet food, it will not stay fresh or keep the flies or odor out because there are no sealing, air-tight lids. However, what’s great about the design is if your cats are messy eaters, the mess stays contained within the feeder.

Securing Hardware

The Felines Only Dish comes with rubber pads and double-face tape to help secure the feeding station for non-skidding stability.

You can also anchor the dish down which would be fantastic in preventing it from being knocked over when eager dogs are trying to break in.

Removeable Hood Caps

The caps or “eyebrows” over the access holes on the plastic hood are removable. This is a great design feature that helps to keep dogs out of the cat dish.

However, if your cat has an especially large head or if your cats are skittish about it, you can remove the caps. When the cats become accustomed and comfortable to the dish, you can put the caps back on to deter the dogs.


No Lids

The plastic hood does not feature lids to keep the bugs out and odor in. Fresh food that doesn’t get eaten will dry up very quickly.

Plastic door flaps on the access holes would help with the odor and keep most flying insects out, but it would not solve airtight storage issues to keep food fresh. Some cats might have issues with feeding with a lid resting on their heads, so not every design concept would work for all.

Regardless, the Purrrfect Cat Dish was designed without lids. The benefit? It’s cheaper than automatic lid opening cat feeders.

Popular Questions

Is the Purrrfect Cat Dish Dog Proof?

The Purrrfect Cat Dish has a design that caters to a cat’s feeding position. Naturally, it helps to keep dogs out, but some dogs may very well figure out a way to destroy it or contort their necks to scoop up kibble. Ultimately, you have the responsibility of training your dogs to stay out of the cat dish.

Where is the Felines Only Purrrfect Cat Dish Made?

Felines Only is a Canadian company and designed The Purrrfect Cat Dish. However, the actual product is made in the USA.

What Size is The Purrrfect Cat Dish?

The Felines Only Cat Dish weighs only 2 lbs and is 9 (H) x 7.75 (W) x 16.25 (L) inches in size.

Does the Felines Only Come with Bowls?

The Purrrfect Cat Dish base has a twin bowl molded design, but it does not come with bowl inserts. You will need to purchase these separately.

One advantage is that there are no crevices and gaps where food can get stuck due to sloppy eaters, and the entire base can be washed easily by hand or in the dishwasher. But removable bowls have their own benefits and if you want them, it will be at your own cost.

What Accessories are Included with the Felines Only Cat Dish?

The Felines Only Purrrfect Cat Dish consists of four parts: the black base with the twin bowl depressions, two “eyebrows”/hood caps, and a plastic hood/dome. A few hardware parts are also in the packaging. No additional accessories are included.


The Purrrfect Cat Dish performs exactly as expected. It has a plastic hood and access ports with caps that help to keep dogs out of the cat’s food.

However, since dogs are very smart, they can manipulate the feeder to try to steal food. It’s your job as the pet owner to train your cats that it’s their new feeding station to and to keep the dogs from abusing it.

Once you have that down, this selective cat feeder will prove to be worth the buy. It’s easy to clean, no batteries required, and the dogs don’t mess with it. It’s a headache-free cat feeder for the multi-pet household.

Felines Only - the Purrrfect Cat Dish - Veterinarian Designed Cat Feeding...
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Felines Only - the Purrrfect Cat Dish - Veterinarian Designed Cat Feeding...
  • KEEPS DOGS OUT: The Purrrfect Cat Dish was created by a veterinarian just for felines and is...

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