Why do They Make Such Great Pets?

Are you trying to decide if you should get a dog for a pet?
When you're ready to take responsibility for a pooch, the right dog for your needs and personality is a great addition to your home and life.
Dogs bring many benefits including companionship, added security, health benefits, reduced stress and fun.


Elderly Lady Hugging Dog

Dogs are one of the best companion animals for people. More than cats, birds or other pets, dogs are generally excited to see you when you come home.

Your pooch will follow you around and want to be spend time with you. They’ll curl up with you on the couch or lay at your feet.

Dogs provide good social support and can reduce the likelihood of loneliness and depression.


Dog Peeking Through Wooden Fence

In addition to reducing loneliness, dogs can also reduce your risk of becoming a crime victim.

Most criminals try to commit their acts in stealth.

They know if they call attention to themselves, they’re more likely to be caught in the act and arrested. Police officers will tell you that homes with dogs are less likely to be robbed.

If someone is trying to break into your home, and they hear a dog barking, they’re likely to move on to another house. They know it’s best to avoid being noticed and the risk of confrontation with a dog protecting it’s owners and territory from intruders.

You’re also less likely to be assaulted when walking with your dog.

Whether you have a small yappy dog that will sound an alarm to people in the area or a larger dog that may jump at or bite an assailant, you are not an easy mark.

Just a caution, while dogs bring added security, you still want to take appropriate precautions rather than depending on your dog to protect you in unsafe circumstances.

Stress Relief

Man at Work with chihuahua on his lapNot only can dogs help reduce the risk of allergies, they can also help reduce your stress. Just petting a dog can help reduce your stress level.

Some businesses have started letting workers bring dogs in to the office to help them relax more.

If you take your dog to work, you’re more likely to get outside on breaks or push away from your desk for a moment to take care of your pup.

Studies have found that interacting with your dog or other animal stimulates your body to release the hormone oxytocin which contributes to a person’s trust and relaxation.

Health Benefits

Young Girl Cuddling Small DogMany studies have demonstrated a range of health benefits from having dogs as pets. First, because your dog needs exercise, you are more likely to get off the couch yourself.

Most dog owners easily meet recommendations of at least 30 minutes of exercise daily just from walking and playing with their pup.

This improves cardiovascular health, helps to lower blood pressure and decreases the risk of heart disease.

Other studies have found that dog owners tend to be sick less frequently and may sleep better at night than people who don’t own dogs.

In 2010, scientists at the University of Cincinnati reported findings of a long-term study on risk factors for children with a family history of allergies developing allergies themselves.

They found that children growing up in a home with dogs starting before the child was one year old were up to 4 times less likely to develop allergies than those without dogs.

The findings suggest that dogs may have an immune boosting effect that reduces the chance of allergies in children.

Years of Fun!

Man Walking His DogOne key benefit of having a dog as a pet is the fun your pup brings into your life.

From getting out to enjoy a walk in the park to playing with a ball or Frisbee to meeting new people, dogs bring a richness to life. Most dogs have an active, energetic lifestyle that will get you up and moving.

Dogs also make you seem more approachable. Polls have shown that people tend to trust and approach a person with a dog more than the next guy.

By getting out with your dog, you may have greater opportunity to meet new and interesting people.


German Shepard Chewing on a ToyWhen you take a look at some of the benefits of choosing a dog for a pet, it is easy to understand why these four-footed pals are a popular option.

Remember, owning a dog is not all fun and games.

You are taking responsibility for a living animal and need to devote time to making sure your pup is well cared for.

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