What do Hamsters Eat? A picture of a hamster eating.

What Do Hamsters Eat? (Hamster Food For Syrian, Dwarf & Baby Hamsters)

If you’re thinking of adding a hamster to your family, you will want to acquaint yourself with their dietary needs. So, what do hamsters eat? Hamsters...
Pet Rat Playing on Toy Car

10 Best Toys for Rats & What Makes A Good Rat Toy

Toys are important for adding enrichment to your rats’ lives. They keep them entertained and active throughout the day, which is important for their...
Best hamster bedding

Best Hamster Bedding For Clean & Odorless Cages

When it comes to choosing the best hamster bedding for your hamster’s cage, there is some criteria to keep in mind: Absorbs urine Odor-control ...
Best rat food

The Best Rat Food Brands For Your Clever Little Friends (FAQ Included)

As pet owners, we have many important responsibilities that we must accept when we welcome a pet into our homes. Shelter, food, love, and...
The right Chinchilla treats can earn you tons of kisses!

14 Healthy Chinchilla Treats That Will Improve Their Diet

It won’t come as a surprise that most chinchillas loooove treats. Unfortunately, most commercial Chinchilla treats and human food will have too much fat...
Rat Sounds

8 Common Rat Noises And The Meanings Behind Them

Rats are considered silent animals but that’s far from the truth. They emit high frequency noises that exceed human perception. While we can hear sounds...
Two Pet Rats in Cage

Best Rat Cage Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Home For Your Friend

Your pet rats will spend most of their life inside of their cage, so it’s a good idea to do your research to ensure...
Keeping rats as pets

Rats As Pets – 10 Things You May Not Know About Them

Fancy rats can make an incredible pet, but they're still wildly misunderstood. When you tell somebody you have a pet rat, their reaction is...
Vet checking for Rat Parasites

13 Signs of Rat Parasites and What To Do ASAP

If you plan on keeping pet rats for awhile, you will need to know how to treat intestinal and external parasites. This is necessary...
Can rats eat grapes?

Can Rats Eat Grapes? (And 5 Foods They Must AVOID)

One of the most important aspects of pet ownership is knowing what our furry friends can and can’t eat. We would like to think that...

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