Best rat food

The Best Rat Food Brands For Your Clever Little Friends (FAQ Included)

As pet owners, we have many important responsibilities that we must accept when we welcome a pet into our homes. Shelter, food, love, and...
Chinchilla adoption

Chinchilla Adoption Guide: How to Prepare for Your New Friend

Chinchillas can be great pets, they’re energetic and quirky and fairly low-maintenance when it comes to food and grooming requirements. If you are considering...
Can hamsters eat grapes

Can Hamsters Eat Grapes & Their Seeds? (Find Out The Safe Quantities)

If you have a pet hamster, you’re probably always on the lookout for hamster-approved treats to enrich his or her diet. While hamsters are generally...
The right Chinchilla treats can earn you tons of kisses!

14 Healthy Chinchilla Treats That Will Improve Their Diet

It won’t come as a surprise that most chinchillas loooove treats. Unfortunately, most commercial Chinchilla treats and human food will have too much fat...
Best bedding for rats that are pets

Best Bedding for Rats That Is Safe & Good For Odors

Just like us, our pet rats like to stay comfy, warm, and clean while going on with their day-to-day lives. The type of good...
Rat behavior

Understanding Pet Rat Behavior 101: What Everything Means

If you’re new to the world of fancy rats, trying to figure out what their behavior is communicating can be challenging. While some behaviors of...
What do Hamsters Eat? A picture of a hamster eating.

What Do Hamsters Eat? (Hamster Food For Syrian, Dwarf & Baby Hamsters)

If you’re thinking of adding a hamster to your family, you will want to acquaint yourself with their dietary needs. So, what do hamsters eat? Hamsters...
A very young baby chinchilla.

Baby Chinchilla Kit Care Guide: 10 Things You MUST Know

Baby chinchillas or ‘kits’ are adorable balls of fluff that requiring specialized care. Luckily for us, mama chinchillas take great care of their babies...
Best hamster bedding

Best Hamster Bedding For Clean & Odorless Cages

When it comes to choosing the best hamster bedding for your hamster’s cage, there is some criteria to keep in mind: Absorbs urine Odor-control ...
Can rats eat grapes?

Can Rats Eat Grapes? (And 5 Foods They Must AVOID)

One of the most important aspects of pet ownership is knowing what our furry friends can and can’t eat. We would like to think that...

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