10 Best Gifts For Cat Lovers In 2023 That Will Make Their Day

Picking out the perfect cat lovers gift is no easy feat, whether it is their very first birthday, second birthday, or tenth birthday. That’s why we compiled a list of our favorite presents for cats and their owners from a variety of categories, so you should have no trouble finding the right gift for your feline friend this year.

1. Twin Critters – Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed

TWINCRITTERS - Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed (Large) I Ecofriendly Cat Cave I...
1,058 Reviews
TWINCRITTERS - Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed (Large) I Ecofriendly Cat Cave I...
  • ✅ LARGE CAT CAVE: Cats love this spacious hideaway! Our merino wool cat cave offers plenty of...
  • ✅ HANDCRAFTED: Each twin critters cat cave is carefully handcrafted in Nepal. We want to make sure...
  • ✅ CHEMICAL-FREE: This large cat bed is made without harsh chemicals. Using an ancient technique...
  • ✅ ULTRA COMFORTABLE: Our felted wool cat cave is super soft, and ultra-durable. The great thing...
  • ✅ CAN ALSO BE USED AS A MAT: This handcrafted cat cave bed may be used in several ways. Primarily,...

If you’re looking at upgrading your cat’s bed, this is a great choice. Each bed is handcrafted using 100% Merino Wool that hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals, so you can be sure that your cat will be comfy and safe.

Your cat will love having their own comfy little place to nap, but don’t be surprised if they still end up in your bed most of the time! This makes a great present for any cat lover.

We love:

  • The cute designs. The problem is deciding on which one to buy!
  • That each bed is made using high-quality fabric. We want our feline friends to be comfy too!
  • The multi-function. The cave easily flattens into a padded mat if your cat prefers sleeping on things instead of in things.

Your cat will love:

  • Having a cozy place to sleep that provides some barrier to distractions.
  • The added warmth during colder months.

2. Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post – Beige, Large 32 Inch Tower - Sisal...
  • DURABLE SISAL: A durable sisal fiber design ensures the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post will stand...
  • TALL AND STRONG: The sturdy design of the scratching tower allows kittens and cats of all sizes to...
  • GOODBYE CLAW MARKS: Satisfy your indoor cat’s natural urge to scratch and protect your furniture...
  • EASY SETUP: Assembly is a breeze with our simplistic design, requiring only 2 screws and two dowels...
  • MODERN AND NEUTRAL: Our design is easy on the eyes and neutral color options allow your cat’s...

If your cat is a major scratcher, this scratching post is one of the best gifts for cat lovers and will be a great birthday present this year. It’s tall height (32”) encourages cats to stretch vertically and it has a study base so you (and your cat!) don’t need to worry about it falling over.

Hey, maybe if you’re really lucky, you’ll even safe your sofa from a few scratches here and there.

We’ve seen some very flimsy scratching posts over the years, and while they can do the job, it’s only a matter of time until they start coming apart or falling over constantly. This cat scratching post from Pioneer Pet is not flimsy, it’s a very sturdy post so that’s always a plus! As far as cat presents go, this one is a good one and your cat will love it.

We love:

  • The modern design. It’s cute enough to keep with the rest of your furniture!
  • It’s made out of fibrous woven sisal fiber, a durable material that won’t get torn to shreds in a few weeks.

Your cat will love:

  • The opportunity to fully-stretch vertically – cats love to stretch, it helps raise their blood pressure and to tone muscles!
  • The secure base – some scratching posts can be quite wobbly, making a distressing and possibly dangerous experience for your cat!

3. Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch

Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch (Large) Black Color
2,357 Reviews
Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch (Large) Black Color
  • Mounts to Windows using Giant PATENTED USA Suction Cups
  • Humane Society Approved and Easy to Clean with Soap and Water
  • Made with Super Tough 3/4" PVC Plastic Pipe and Fittings
  • We use only the BEST Outdoor and Rugged Fabric
  • Our Support Cables are 1/8" Steel to last Forever

There probably isn’t a house-cat in the world that doesn’t love looking out the window, so why not make it a more relaxing experience for your cat? This cat perch is a great gift for the cat lover and uses patented USA suction cups to adhere to windows, giving cats a favorable vantage point for viewing the outdoors (but mostly birds).

If you don’t like your cat knocking around on the windowsill or the back of the couch or a table near a window, give this perch a try. It comes in three different sizes, and you could even get more than one, so that your cat can use them like steps to get a view from higher up.

We love:

  • How easy it is to move from window to window while remaining secure enough to hold up to 25 pounds.
  • The different sizes to accommodate window sizes.
  • The mental stimulation provided. When your cat looks outside, they are stimulated by the different environment – the wildlife, people, nature, etc.

Your cat will love:

  • Having a spot to safely look outside and relax.
  • Feeling like they’re “on top of the world”.

4. Munchiecat Sushi Catnip Plush

If you’re a sushi lover, this sushi-shaped catnip plush will make a great birthday present for your feline pal. It’s super soft and lightweight, making it easy for cats of all ages to play. You shouldn’t feed your cat real sushi, even though they’ll probably love the smell of it, but you can definitely let them have a go at this plush! 

We love:

  • The sushi design – they’re adorable and not like anything we’ve seen before!
  • They’re well-made – important for cats that tend to destroy toys remarkably fast. Let’s face it, it’s not going to last forever, but there’s a noticeable difference when you’ve got a cheaply made toy compared to a well made one.

Your cat will love:

  • The gentle rattle – some cat toys can be loud and if it bothers you, it probably bothers your cat too. 
  • How lightweight they are – it doesn’t take much force for your cat to knock them across the room.

5. Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel

Cat tunnels are a great toy for encouraging play and exercise in cats and make for great presents. Additionally, a cat’s instinct as a predator is to hunt and stalk their prey and a tunnel helps support that behavior. If you have a laser pointer or a fishing pole type of toy, you can have so much fun playing with your cat using a tunnel. Let them feel like they’re out in the wild hunting, except instead of dinner, their prize is your amusement and their exercise.

We love:

  • That it is easily collapsible and portable. As much as we want to your cat to play in this tunnel, we understand why you wouldn’t want a cat tunnel taking up your living room floor indefinitely.
  • The different colors and designs available. You will have no trouble finding something that you like!

Your cat will love:

  • The crinkle material inside the tunnel. Most cats go crazy for the noise!
  • Hiding, running, and “stalking their prey” while building muscle and having fun playing.

6. Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed

Petmate Aspen Pet Self Warming Round Bed, 19.5 Inches, Barn Red and Cream
9,407 Reviews
Petmate Aspen Pet Self Warming Round Bed, 19.5 Inches, Barn Red and Cream
  • HEAT-REFLECTING TECHNOLOGY: This small round dog & cat bed features a Mylar interior layer that...
  • SMALL PET BED: The comfy faux lambswool pet bed for dogs & cats is designed with plush sides for...
  • CAT BEDS: Pets can feel at home both in the house & on-the-go with a variety of beds for cats & dogs...
  • ASPEN PET: Aspen Pet provides every day essentials for pet parents, dogs & cats. Check out Aspen...
  • JUST FOR PETS: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens & other small furry...

If you’ve been thinking about getting your cat a pet-safe heating pad or bed but you’re nervous about burns or overheating, the Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed might be a good gift to think about. It uses Mylar technology to create heat by reflecting your cat’s own body heat, providing a warm and cozy bed without the risks included with electricity.

Sometimes cats have accidents, or claw through things, and the idea of having an electric bed can make some people nervous, so this is a great alternative. If you live somewhere that’s not as warm during parts of the year, this will be of particular interest to you. Our cats bodies don’t always align with what is a comfortable temperature for us,

We love:

  • That our cats can have a warm bed without using electricity.
  • It’s available in different sizes – perfect for single cats or having room for multiple cats.
  • The reasonable price range – comparable beds are priced significantly higher.

Your cat will love:

  • Snoozing and relaxing in a warm, cozy bed.
  • The portability – anywhere they go, their bed can easily travel with them.

7. TrixiePet Baza Cat Tree

TRIXIE Baza Scratching Post with Hammock | 16' Base, Cream, Small
8,424 Reviews
TRIXIE Baza Scratching Post with Hammock | 16" Base, Cream, Small
  • Wrapped in soft long-haired plush fabric
  • Natural sisal wrapped scratching posts
  • Hammock with metal rim for added support
  • Dangling pom pom toy

For a place your cat can relax and scratch, you might want to consider TrixiePet’s Baza Cat Tree. It’s covered in plush fabric with natural sisal wrapped posts that your cat will love digging their claws into and includes a welcoming hammock for rest time.

We love:

  • The plush hammock – it looks like an inviting place for your cat to have a snooze.
  • The sisal wrapped posts – most cats are naturally inclined to dig their claws right in.
  • The different models available – you should have no trouble finding a size to fit into your space and feline needs.

Your cat will love:

  • Climbing – cats are skillful climbers who like being in high places. The taller versions of this bed with multiple levels will help fill this need to climb.
  • Scratching – all cats need to scratch something to maintain their claws as well as mark their territory. Sisal wrapped posts are a much better target than your sofa!

8. Go Cat Da Bird Feather Toy

GoCat Da Bird Pull 2 Piece Pull Apart Rod & Bird, Handmade in The USA (1...
2,805 Reviews
GoCat Da Bird Pull 2 Piece Pull Apart Rod & Bird, Handmade in The USA (1...
  • Realistic feather toy activates your cat's hunting instinct
  • Pull-a-part rod for easy storage
  • Cats love its flight-like motion and prey-like appearance
  • Public Alert: Hide toys when not in use and supervise your pet while playing at all times
  • Hand crafted in the USA

Go Cat’s Da Bird is one of the most popular cat toys available. Most cats go wild over the trio of feathers and trying to catch their “prey” so there’s no doubt that it could easily become one of your cat’s favorite toys.

This would be a lot of fun to use with the cat tunnel we featured earlier on this list, and it’s honestly a blast to play with. Guests who come over to your house, even if they aren’t cat lovers, will probably have way too much fun with this and your cat will love all of the extra attention and playtime.

We love:

  • How realistic the feathers move and sound during play. It’s easy to see why cats lose their marbles over them!
  • That you can buy replacement “birds” instead of needing to replace the entire toy.

Your cat will love:

  • Having the opportunity to practice their hunting skills.
  • The quality time spent with their favorite human – you.

9. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Catstages Tower of Tracks Interactive 3-Tier Cat Track Toy with Spinning...
60,409 Reviews
Catstages Tower of Tracks Interactive 3-Tier Cat Track Toy with Spinning...
  • PRODUCT UPDATE: Catstages recently updated the Tower of Tracks product to include six 1.5"-balls...
  • Three-level cat ball track with six brightly colored spinning balls to bat, swat, and chase around...
  • Encourages mental stimulation and physical exercise while engaging hunting instincts; purrfect for...
  • Top safety bar keeps curious paws from getting stuck
  • Sturdy construction and nonslip base design make this cat track toy perfect for active and energetic...

If your cat loves playing with toys but is prone to losing them, the Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy is a good option to promote play without worrying about losing cat toys all over your house. Each toy comes with three levels of tracks, each with their own ball to keep your cat busy and entertained. It is a great present for cat lovers.

You’ll love:

  • Not stepping on random cat toys or having them lost around your house.
  • Watching your cat play, “hunt” and bat at each ball.
  • Knowing that your cat is having fun while being mentally stimulated.

Your cat will love:

  • The endless fun – no more worrying about toys getting stuck in hard to reach places.
  • The non-slip base making the toy more sturdy and easier to play with.
  • Having multiple balls to play with – unlike other tower toys that only have one level with one ball. This makes for a more enriching experience for your little pal.

10. Pet Thunder Pet Grooming Gloves

Pet Grooming Glove Brush for Dog & Cat Deshedding - Better Petter by Pet...
2,064 Reviews
Pet Grooming Glove Brush for Dog & Cat Deshedding - Better Petter by Pet...
  • GENTLE GROOMING ALTERNATIVE - Stop chasing your pet. Let them come to you for grooming they'll love.
  • STOP INHALING PET FUR - The Better Petter traps pet hair in the glove so no fur goes flying.
  • WORKS FOR ALL CAT AND DOG BREEDS - Cleans and combs all coat types, long or short hair, wet or dry.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST - Adjustable touch fastener makes this grooming mitt fit almost everybody.
  • HAPPIER PETS - Get more quality time with your pet while you clean and soften their coat.

Brushing your cat can be a traumatizing experience for both you and your cat but it doesn’t have to be! The Pet Thunder Grooming Glove is a gentle way to remove dead hair from your cat’s fur, you might actually find that your cat enjoys being brushed while using it!

Unlike traditional cat brushes, this glove traps loose hair so you won’t have to worry about breathing it in or having it fall all over while brushing your cat. It’s easy to keep clean between uses and can be used wet or dry. This makes it one of the best gifts for lovers of cats.

We love:

  • Making brush time easier – it’s no fun trying to brush a cat that is either trying to bite your hand or bite the brush.
  • That it helps trap hair – this is so important for a house trying to lower allergens and for ease of cleaning as well.

Your cat will love:

  • Not having sharp bristles poking at them or having pressure that’s too rough.
  • The bonding time with you and feeling pampered.


Now that you have some ideas for the best gifts for cats to work with, you should be well on your way to picking out the perfect birthday gift for your best cat pal. The challenging part will be sticking with one or two gift ideas, and not buying everything on the list!

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