Can Rats Eat Lettuce? What Kind? A Veterinarians Advice

Hardly anything is considered healthier than a salad. As you know, your pet rats should be fed plenty of fresh vegetables every day. However, you may have heard that rats should not eat lettuce.

So, is lettuce safe for rats to eat or not? And if so, which type is best?

There is nothing inherently wrong with feeding your rats lettuce. However, lettuce is not particularly nutrient-dense and can cause diarrhea. It should not make up a big part of your rats’ diet.

To find out how much lettuce is okay, and which type is best, read on below.

Can You Feed Your Pet Rat Lettuce?

Is Lettuce Safe for Rats?

You may have found lettuce featured as a “don’t” when researching what to feed your rats. But is lettuce toxic for rats? Absolutely not. Lettuce does not contain any toxic components for pet rats. Let’s have a look at what exactly lettuce is made up of.

Lettuce consists mainly of water (95.6%)1. It is very low in calories, at only 14 kcal per 100 grams1. Though iceberg lettuce is often said to contain virtually no nutrients, it does provide some vitamin A and vitamin K, as well as low amounts of other micronutrients like calcium and vitamin C1.

The fiber content in lettuce is generally low.

Romaine Lettuce

A positive effect of lettuce is its filling effect with a very low calorie count. It can therefore be a valuable part of an overweight rat’s diet.

The issue with feeding rats lots of lettuce is that it will reduce the amount of other nutritious foods that they eat, thus making them miss out on important macro- and micronutrients.

Another downside of feeding lettuce to rats is that it can cause diarrhea due to its high water content. If you notice that this is a problem for your mischief, it’s time to significantly cut back the amount of lettuce you offer.

So, all in all, you can feed lettuce to your pet rats – it’s just a good idea to only offer it occasionally and in small amounts. Make sure you accompany the salad with other nutrient-dense foods, such as cruciferous vegetables, cooked sweet potatoes, avocados, or berries.

What Type of Lettuce Can Rats Eat?

Not all types of lettuce are created equal. Iceberg lettuce has the lowest amount of nutrients and calories. Romaine lettuce is slightly more nutrient-dense and therefore the better choice2.

Can Pet Rats Eat Iceberg Lettuce?

Pet Rat and Carrots

Some resources will tell you to avoid feeding iceberg lettuce altogether. As we’ve seen, iceberg lettuce is not inherently dangerous or toxic to your mischief. The only issue with it is that it runs the risk of replacing more nutrient-dense foods in your rat’s diet.

However, if your rats are generally fed a healthy and well-balanced diet, I don’t see an issue in offering a small amount of iceberg lettuce here and there.

Can Rats Eat Lettuce and Cucumber?

Pet Rat Eating Sliced Cucumber

Cucumber and lettuce go together well on our salad plates, so you may wish to offer them alongside each other when it’s feeding time for your mischief.

Your pet rats can eat cucumber. However, it’s another food that is high in water and low in nutrients, so it’s best not to offer it together with lettuce. Instead, opt for more nutrient-dense vegetables to accompany the lettuce.

Can Rats Have Salad Dressing?

You may be wondering if you can spice up the lettuce for your rats by offering them a dressing. Store-bought salad dressings tend to contain a lot of sugar and salt, both of which are not suitable for a ratty diet.

Even if you prepare the dressing yourself, vinegar and olive oil are not good for your rats, so it’s best to avoid salad dressing altogether.

Don’t worry about the food tasting bland for your rats – their taste buds are accustomed to plain vegetables, so the lettuce will taste much more interesting to them than it does to us.

What Vegetables Can Rats Not Eat?

Pet Rat Eating Vegetables

Not all vegetables that are safe for human consumption can also be fed to pet rats. Whenever you want to feed your rats a new food, it’s best to quickly research whether they can actually eat it.

If your rats have any health issues such as kidney problems, talk with your veterinarian on which foods should be limited. Your vet can also advise you what to feed your rats for weight loss, if this is necessary for them.

Some vegetables – such as beans, artichokes, potato and sweet potato – are toxic when fed raw. They are perfectly fine to offer cooked, though.

Some resources will tell you to avoid raw cabbage, but it’s perfectly fine in moderation. Large amounts of raw cabbage can cause gas and bloating in rats, just like in humans.

To Sum Up

Although some resources claim that lettuce is not good for rats, there is nothing inherently bad about it. It’s generally low in nutrients, however, and should only be fed in small amounts and alongside more nutrient-dense foods. Romaine lettuce is the better choice than iceberg.


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