Elevated Dog Bowls Good Or Bad & Can They Benefit Your Furry Friend

Raised or elevated dog bowls are beneficial for dogs experiencing certain conditions like arthritis, back and neck conditions and conditions that make it difficult for your dog to swallow when eating or drinking.

They can be helpful to your pet and provide benefits to you such as a cleaner feeding area and comfort for you and your dog.

Although raised dog dishes are helpful for many dogs, they are not for every condition.


How Can An Elevated Dog Bowl Help My Dog?

Elevated Bowls are especially helpful for larger dogs with arthritis or neck or back problems.

These dog bowls with stand raise the food and water up closer to your dog’s mouth. If they have stiff joints or a neck or back condition like degenerative disc disease, a raised bowl is helpful.

With the food and water at mouth level, your furry friend will not need to bend or stoop over to reach the bowls. Since dogs may eat less when they are uncomfortable, providing an easier way to eat and drink can help encourage your pup to get the nutrition they need.

Benefit of Elevated Dog BowlsIn addition to helping dogs with arthritis, back and neck conditions, raised dog food bowls are helpful if your dog has a condition that makes swallowing difficult.

One such condition is megaesophagus, a situation where the esophagus becomes soft.

With this condition, the muscles of the esophagus are flaccid and cannot contract normally to move food from the mouth to the stomach. As a result, the esophagus dilates and allows food to collect rather than continuing in to the stomach.

Elevated bowls allow gravity to help move food down to the stomach, which prevents regurgitation and vomiting.

In the past, raised feeding dishes were recommended for large breed dogs to help prevent bloat. Currently, some veterinarians recommend against elevated dog bowls for large dogs. If you are unsure whether to use an elevated bowl, consult your veterinarian.


How Are Elevated Bowls Beneficial to Me?

In addition to helping manage certain musculo-skeletal and digestive conditions in dogs, elevated dog dishes can make your life easier. If you have difficulty stooping or bending over due to arthritis or back problems, a raised dish brings the dish closer to you.

Raised bowls also tend to keep the feed and water area cleaner, meaning less work for you. When dogs drink, they usually raise their heads to swallow more easily.

When the bowl is on the ground, water often spills on the floor and can create unsanitary conditions. Water may get trapped under the dog dish and allow for mold growth. With an elevated water bowl, dogs don’t need to lift their head as high, and water that escapes from the mouth tends to drip back into the dish rather than on the floor.

With the benefits of better hygiene and reduced strain on your joints there are some personally beneficial reasons to consider elevated bowls for your pup.


Which Elevated Bowls Are Best?

If your dog would benefit from an elevated dog dish, there are many available options. You will want to select a feeder that comes with stainless steel bowls for easy cleaning.

The dog bowl stand should also be water and skid resistant. Some stands include a cabinet for easy storage of your pet food or dog treats.

We review 3 of the best elevated dog bowls below.


Bergan Elevated Dog Bowls

Bergan Elevated Double Bowl Feeder
  • The Bergan Elevated Double Bowl Feeder, Large, combines form with function for the ultimate in...
  • Removable legs make the Elevated Feeder adjustable, and the stainless steel bowls are easy to remove...
  • Great or large dogs and for aging dogs who might have trouble bending down to eat from bowls placed...
  • The BPA-free, injection molded plastic stand comes with two 1-quart/6-cup bowls and measures 13''W x...
  • Bergan products are designed to help you enjoy life with your pet

The Bergan Elevated Feeder has stainless steel bowls and a plastic frame with removable legs for easy clean up. This feeder is available medium, large and extra large sizes.

With the removable legs, you can adjust the height of your feeder to grow with your dog, or use the stand without the legs for smaller breeds. The bowls nest in the stand and are removable for washing.


Elevated Food Server & Storage Box

No products found.

This wooden elevated dog feeder and storage box has an elevated feeding platform with two stainless steel bowls. It is constructed with hard particle board with a non-toxic finish that is easy to clean.

The box underneath the elevated feeding platform allows you to store your dog’s food, treats and other items in one convenient spot. The stainless steel bowls are removable so you can easily wash them after use. This partially assembled product is available in one size and is suitable for medium and large sized dogs.


Adjustable Wooden Elevated Dog Feeder

This elevated and adjustable dog feeder is a wooden dog bowl stand that is made from bamboo. The bamboo is eco-friendly and water resistant for easy cleaning. This dog feeder stand can be adjusted to three different levels to accommodate the size of your pup as she grows.

The tray is made of BPA-free silicone with room for 2 dog bowls for your canine pal to eat and drink from. The wooden elevated dog bowl stand is easy to reposition and move – it also includes 4 large bowls!


Comfort for Your Dog!

In many cases, raised dog dishes are helpful for your furry friend. Raising food to a more comfortable level can help dogs with joint, neck and back issues as they do not need to bend over to eat and drink.

For dogs with digestive conditions that result in regurgitation or vomiting, elevated dishes take advantage of gravity to make swallowing easier.

Elevated dog feeders can also benefit you by providing a cleaner food and water area and by reducing the amount of bending or stooping you need to do to care for your canine pal.

When looking for the right elevated stand for your pup, look for a product that is water resistant for easy cleaning and skid resistant to prevent slipping. If the stand includes bowls, we recommend stainless steel for easy cleaning.

Other ways to improve the quality of your dogs life if joint pain is an everyday reality is with an orthopedic pet bed and specially designed lifting harnesses.