4 Best Rat Hammocks In 2024 (Easy To Clean)

When your pet rats aren’t playing with you, roughhousing with each other, nibbling on some treats, or making interesting rat noises, there’s a good chance that they enjoy just lounging around.

There are a number of different types of good rat hammocks that rats love to lay in, so let’s take a quick look at some of the best hammocks available.

Which Hammock?

But, before we get into our hammock recommendations, there are some considerations you’ll want to keep in mind before making up your mind of which ones to go with.

First of all, size.

How many rats do you have?

Do they like to lay together currently, or do they prefer they own space? Would you be better off with one larger rat hammock, or going with a couple of smaller spaces?

Also, some styles of rat hammock are open-topped, whereas others are enclosed. Some pet rats might not enjoy one that’s open, but if they have another area in their cage for some privacy, it should be just fine.

You’ll need to realize that these can get pretty dirty so material is something else to keep in mind. Most of the cloth ones are fairly easy to wash, and some people just toss them in the washing machine – but other people prefer to keep it separate from their clothing, for obvious reasons.

This is a very affordable accessory for your rats to enjoy, so it’s not a bad idea to pick up 2 of them, or maybe even 3 different styles. You can try to predict what they’ll like best, but you never really know what they’ll gravitate towards until you put it in their cage.

Rat toys, food, water, chew toys, good rat bedding… these are all essentials, but a nice rat hammock should also be considered an essential for ensuring you’ve got the best rat cage.

Do you mind washing cloth, or would you rather just rinse plastic instead?

Here are some of the good available options, and our thoughts about them…

4 Best Hammocks for Pet Rats

1. Space Pod – The BEST Rat Hammock

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  • COLORFUL: The space pod will add a fun pop of color to your pets home
  • COZY HIDEAWAY: A Space Pod will give your furry friend a unique and cozy spot to nestle

Overall, this is probably the best option out there, for a number of reasons. Granted, it does lack some of the soft cushioned goodness that other hammocks have, but you can always put some small pieces of fabric inside the Space Pod, or old t-shirts, or something else to make it perfectly comfortable.

One great aspect of the Space Pod for rats is how easy it is to clean. Just a quick rinse, maybe a bit of very mild soap, and you’re off to the races. It’s not just for rats, either. All sorts of small pets will love the extra privacy and seclusion. It has three legs that it can sit on, slightly raised, or you can turn it upside down and it hands from the ceiling of your cage.

Some people use it for nesting birds, some people use it for baby ferrets, but it’s absolutely perfect for pet rats. Multiple rats can cozy up inside of the Space Pod, and considering the low price, it’s a no-brainer.

It’s 11x11x8 inches in size, and comfortably fits multiple rats. The Space Pod is awesome!

Whatever else you decide to go with, definitely consider getting a space pod.

2. Small Rat Hammock with Clips

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  • Size: About 27cm x 27cm / 10.6inch x 10.6inch ( Length x Width , It is the material itself)
  • Provide a secure comfy resting spot for your lovely one, offers unmatches warmth and comfort.

If you’ve got a standard wire-cage, you can easily clip this hammock in place. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to attach it where the little bars/wires of the cage cross over one another, otherwise it can slide up and down and is very to move. If you only attach it so straight wires that are moving in one direction, it’ll move up and down the length of the cage.

Overall, the quality is good, and it’s a very soft and comfy fabric. If your rats don’t always make the trip to their litter box, it can definitely start to get stinky, and fabric hammocks are a bit trickier to clean than the Space Pod we mentioned above. It’s just the cost of doing business, add it into your usual cage cleaning routine and it’s really not a big deal.

This rat hammock comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if it turns out that your pet rat doesn’t like it very much, but we have a feeling they’ll be cuddling up cozy and won’t let you take it away.

It’s about 10 inches by 10 inches in size, and depending on where you attach the four clips, it can either have a lot of give and be kind of droopy, or you can attach it more tightly with less slack.

3. Two-Storey Rat Hammock

Alfie Pet - Kasey Hanging Hammock Bed for Mouse, Chinchilla, Rat, Gerbil...
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  • Ultra-soft, fleece lining material for the highest level of comfort
  • Includes straps and spring clips to strongly secure the bed into position anywhere in your pet’s...
  • Machine washable for easy clean-ups

This one’s kind of unique because it offers a place for your rats to hang out on top, and also a cave below for when they need a little more privacy. The four carabiners will keep it securely in place. The enclosed nature makes it a bit more of a nuisance to clean, but it’s not a big deal.

The outside has a fun floral pattern, and the inside feels like a soft fleece blanket. There’s also another style available, which has a green, blue and grey triangle pattern, if floral isn’t your thing. It’s about 9 inches by 9 inches in size.

4. Soft Tunnel Hammock for Pet Rats

Niteangel Tunnel Hamster Hammock for Small Animals, Tunnel Tube Rat Ferret...
  • Hanging tunnel sleeper with Comfortable Soft Leather for small animals.
  • Hammock hole can give small animals free to play breathable space.
  • Made from quilted type material and attaches to the cage with clips.
  • Comfortably fit 1 adult ferrets or 2 more adult rats.
  • Dimension: Bottom length 15-inch, Cylinder diameter 4.4 inches.

This one also has some space up top, and a soft tunnel on the inside. There’s a hole in the middle so that you can peek in, and to allow for a quick escape when they hear the treat jar start to rattle.

This rat hammock is 15 inches long, and the diameter is 4.4 inches. It has 4 straps, and each one has a small clip on the end to connect it to the cage. The clips aren’t as heavy-duty as a carabiner, but they get the job done. The opening on the top and the tube-like shape make it easier to clean/empty out than some of the other cloth hammocks we’ve looked at.

Keep in mind: If your rats love to chew up everything, they’ll probably bite through any hammock straps that are made with cloth. There are some that use metal chains, which can be kind of noisy and annoying in some situations, but it’s not that hard to sew a strap back on if they chew it off every now and then.

With the Space Pod, this isn’t really an issue, the plastic parts that connect to the cage are thick and large enough that we haven’t had any problems. The best rat hammocks I believe are the easiest to clean & longest lasting.

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