Best Grooming Glove for Dogs Reviews

Dog grooming gloves can be a convenient way to brush away excess fur, some people prefer them to using brushes, and they’re especially useful for people who have allergies or sensitivities and would rather not come in direct contact with the fur.

There really aren’t that many different ones to choose from, so here’s a rapid rundown of the best grooming gloves for dogs along with the most important traits for each one, so you can easily and quickly choose the pair that suits you the best.

Note: Most of these offer the option to order just one glove, or a package of two (one for each hand.) It’s really up to you whether you would like to use one or two at a time, but order two isn’t a bad move since it’s usually a fair amount cheaper for the second glove.


Pat Your Pet Dog Grooming Glove

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These gloves come in a package of two. They have smaller rounded nubs on the palm area, which offers a stimulating massage for your dog. On the fingers of the gloves are pointier nubs to collect loose hair and fur, while also acting as a comb to help with tangles.

In addition to using them with dogs, people have used them with cats, horses, and other furry pals. It’s really easy to peel the hair right off of them when you’re done, which is also a big plus.

With a design that allows you to have a lot of control over the movement of your fingers, you can get into harder to reach places like behind the ears, the tail, and so on.


Lumo Pet Grooming Gloves

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These gloves are similar to the ones by Pat Your Pet, except they’re a bit more flexible since the rubber nub areas are divided into separate pieces of rubber, rather than being attached to one larger piece.

They come in one size, which is Medium/Large, but they’re slightly adjustable and will still work even if your hands are slightly larger or slightly smaller.


Horicon Gloves For Dog Grooming

Horicon Pet 3 in 1 Dog Grooming Gloves Five Finger Pet Hair Remover Mitts...
  • Versatile grooming and gloves brush away dirt, dander and loose hair from dogs, cats and horses!
  • Soft rubber tips in the fingers pick up hair gently and effectively.
  • Unique Spiral Curry Brush palm design cleans and brushes while providing a calming massage.
  • Hair grabbing back material is great for cleaning hair from carpet, furniture, clothing and more!
  • Use dry or when bathing, breathable mesh dries quickly.

These gloves have a unique brush pattern to them. They have a swirl pattern on the palm area which offers a massage, and soft tips on the fingers for shedding control and grooming. They’re some of the lower priced options we’ve seen, and might not feel as high quality as some, but  they’re certainly capable of getting the job done – so for a budget pick or maybe just to see if it’s something your pets even like before investing in a higher quality pair – these are tough to beat!


The Best Grooming Gloves for Dogs:

Pet Grooming Gloves - Left + Right - Enhanced Five Finger Design - for...
  • Forget about shedding - Our Gloves easily remove loose pet hair and tangles so no fur goes flying
  • Enhanced five finger design - Allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like face or tail
  • Pets love gloves - Rubber tips provide gentle relaxing massage. Petting is better than pet chasing
  • For short, medium & long coat - Extra gentle for daily grooming. Perfect for sensitive & young pets
  • Make your grooming routine easy - With these gloves you'll keep your pet attractive and home...

These ones are also made by Pat Your Pet, but they’re’ a more simple design. The tips are uniform through the entire glove,  rather than having different ends and sizes like all of the other ones we’ve looked at thus far.

This pair does a good job, and is generally well-received by people who have tried it out and shared their experiences.

The wrist strap is adjustable quit easily, and these gloves do an excellent job of getting up loose hair and fur. As with the rest, once you’re done, the clump of hair is ready to peel right off. These waterproof gloves can be used when your pet is dry, or also taken into the bath and used with water.

Overall, when you factor in price, performance, durability, and so on… these are probably the best overall option to try when you’re looking for grooming gloves for dogs, and a number of other pets, too.


Camo Dog Grooming Gloves

Camo Pet Grooming Glove for Dogs and Cats; A Portion of the Proceeds are...
  • SOFT AND GENTLE - Quality rubber bristles used to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Cats...
  • SAFE FOR PETS - Superior rubber and soft mesh ensures your pet's comfort. No need to worry about...
  • FIVE FINGER DESIGN - Flexibility of the deshedding glove allows fur to be removed from...
  • EASY TO REMOVE HAIR - The silicone bristles collect all loose hair and remove tangles in the pet's...
  • GIVING BACK - A portion of the proceeds is donated to charity for the rescue and rehabilitation of...

Finally, here’s a set of camo gloves, which is very similar to the ones right above, which were our top overall pick. They’re essentially the same thing, they just have a camo pattern instead, so if you prefer the look – go with these instead.


An Important Note About Grooming Gloves:

One thing you’ll start to notice as you search around for dog  grooming gloves (and a number of other pet tools and accessories) is that many of them look quite similar.

In a lot of cases, the gloves you find for sale on the sites of various brands are essentially the exact same ones you’ll find for a lot less on sites like Amazon. Many different brands have access to purchase these gloves wholesale or to have them manufacturer from the same factories, and then they’ll stick their own logos on it.

There’s nothing wrong with this practice, it just means that when you see some of the ones with better branding and marketing as you search around and land on their websites, it’s the same product  you can find elsewhere for a lot less.

We’ve done our best to find the best value and prices for the selections on this page. We’ve gone with very highly-rated styles of grooming brushes from sellers who are offering very fair prices.

You can look forward to watching your furry pals enjoy whichever gloves you end up ordering for them. Hopefully if all goes well, grooming time won’t be a chore that you have to chase them around the house for – they’ll see you put the gloves on and come running!


Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In Pet Grooming Gloves

Before we go, let’s go over a few things to look for and other considerations to keep in mind.

How many gloves are you ordering? Double check whether it’s a one pack or a two pack, to make sure you’re getting the quantity that you want. Also, if one option seems surprisingly more expensive, it could simply  be because it’s a two pack and you’re comparing it to the price of a one pack.

If you’re ordering a lot of them, for example if you have a doggy daycare or volunteer at a shelter, it might be worth checking out a site like Alibaba and ordering a larger bulk quantity of savings, but if you’re ordering a pair or two ,or a few, we recommend going through Amazon.

What size of glove do you wear? Most dog grooming gloves come in a “one size fits all” offering and that’s it. Some may have multiple sizes, and in those cases you’ll want to ensure that you’ve selected the correct size.

What about different colors and styles? Many of the styles of gloves are available in different colors if you look around enough, but overall these isn’t a ton of variety.

Warranties, guarantees… Some brands will offer some type of warranty or money back guarantee. Generally, that shouldn’t be a deal breaker, this is a relatively inexpensive purchase that you’ll ideally be getting a ton of use out of, so if they do eventually start to fall apart, it’ll be after you’ve gotten a ton of value out of them and you won’t mind buying a new pair or two.


Are Gloves For Grooming Even Worth Getting?

With so many brushes and vacuums and other tools out there, is it really worth getting a grooming brush for your dog?

Do dogs even like these?

The truth is, all dogs are different, so it’s impossible to know whether your furry friend will enjoy them or not, but there’s really only one way to find out.


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