Best Dog Lift Harness – The Benefits Of Using A Dog Lifting Harness for Your Furry Friend

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Rottweiler Dog Wearing a Harness

If your dog is having difficulty moving due to an injury, disability or the pain of arthritis, there are ways you can help improve their mobility.

One way to assist your pup with getting around is with the best dog lift harness that suits your dogs problems.

Depending on the nature of your dog’s disability and the location of the injury or joint pain, you can select from a full body harness or a dog rear lift harness. Each of these products will enable you to assist your special friend and improve their quality of life.


Why Should I Consider a Dog Lifting Harness?

A dog support harness provides a safe way for you to help your pet continue to enjoy walks and be able to comfortably go to the bathroom outside.

They are designed to help you safely and comfortably give your dog the support they need. By providing support, lifting harnesses ease the stress placed on the joints so that your dog can regain mobility and experience less pain.

The location of the arthritis or disability will influence the type of lifting harness you select.


How Do I Choose the Best Dog Lift Harness for my Dog?

There are two types of harnesses to consider. For dogs with mobility problems in their hips and hind legs, a dog rear lift harness is ideal.

PetSafe Solvit CareLift Rear-only Dog Lifting Harness
267 Reviews
PetSafe Solvit CareLift Rear-only Dog Lifting Harness
  • provides convenient and safe way to improve mobility for older, injured or invalid dogs, or those...
  • Unique design reduces stress by lifting hips and abdomen together
  • Includes specially-shaped protector panel for males (removes for females)
  • Two lifting options available: leash or rubberized handle
  • Excellent for assisting pets up stairs, into vehicles, onto furniture, outside for walk or bathroom...

This is a dog harness with handle that can be used to help lift your dog when they rise from a sitting or standing position and to assist them with walking comfortably. The comfort-grip handle allows you to provide the support while lifting your dog in a way that is gentle on your hands and back. This type of dog mobility harness comes it multiple sizes so you can find the right fit for your pooch.

If your canine pal is incapacitated either due to injury or advanced arthritis, a full body lifting harness may be helpful.

Dog Lifting Aid - Mobility Harness - Large Size
602 Reviews
Dog Lifting Aid - Mobility Harness - Large Size
  • OPTIONS: Harness can be used for rear-only support, front-only support or full-body support; please...
  • MEASUREMENTS: Large size fits most pets weighing 70 lb. to 130 lb.; please see sizing chart to...
  • MOBILITY: The PetSafe Solvit CareLift Full-Body Lifting Harness provides older, injured or...
  • REDUCES PRESSURE: This unique harness lifts the hips and abdomen together instead of placing...
  • USE WITH MALES AND FEMALES: This full-body harness comes with a specially shaped protector panel for...

This kind of dog support harness allows you to safely lift your dog to a standing position and to provide stability and support your furry friend so than can go where they want or need to go.

Like the rear lift dog mobility harness, this harness is equipped with comfort grip handles to make lifting your dog easier. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap so you can lift your dog without straining your back.


How Do Lifting Harnesses Work?

Both types of dog lift harnesses come in multiple sizes to suit a range of dogs. A rear lift harness  will often have a lifting panel for the back and a belly band to support the abdomen.

Some models also have straps that go around each hind leg and attach to the lifting panel on the back.

Once all the straps are secure, flat against the body and fit snugly, you can lift your dog gently by using the lifting leash or the comfort grip handle.

It is important to lift slowly and smoothly with an even upward pressure to prevent twisting the back or pulling the hips off axis. These harnesses can be used to take your dog for a walk and provide support that reduces stress on the joints.

man using best dog lift harnessA full body lifting harness has a set of straps, buckles and support panels for the front and back parts of the body.

It allows you to lift your dog from the hips and belly while supporting the front end. Once you have secured both parts, you can lift your pup gently and support them to go outside, up stairs or somewhere else.

This harness can be left on the disabled dog to allow for quick bathroom breaks or easily moving your dog to change bedding or sleeping positions.

It is a great support tool for a dog recovering from a disabling injury or an older dog that is incapacitated by a degenerative joint disease.


Improve Mobility with a Lifting Harness

Whether your dog is suffering from an injury or the effects of aging, the appropriate dog harness with handle provides a means to improve your canine friend’s quality of life.

For dogs that are incapacitated or disabled temporarily or long term, a full body support harness will assist you in caring for your old pal.

It can help you lift your dog comfortably and safely to help them go to the bathroom or to move from one place to another.

For dogs with lower back or hind end mobility problems, the rear lift harness can be used to lift your dog and help them have greater freedom and independence. It has been used effectively to help arthritic dogs get the exercise their legs need.

These lift harnesses are designed to reduce the stress on your dog’s joints resulting in easier mobility and a return to quality of life.

If you don’t feel comfortable in choosing a dogs lift harness you should contact your local vet and get them to help you select the best option for you and your dog.

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