Best Dog Bed For Arthritis – Top Options Explored

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Senior Labrador Dog Lying on Orthopedic Bed

Just like humans, dogs often experience arthritis as they age and their joints deteriorate from the wear and tear of daily activities. As a result, about one in five older dogs have pain from arthritis in one or more joints.

No one wants to see their furry friend suffer the pain of arthritis. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help relieve or minimize your dog’s joint pain.

In addition to providing good nutrition and appropriate medications, you can choose from a variety of dog beds for dogs with arthritis.

Depending on the size and age of your pup and their preferred sleeping style, there are a variety of orthopedic beds including memory foam, bolster and heated pet bed options to help provide the comfort and support your special friend needs.


Finding the Best Therapeutic Dog Bed for Your Pup – a Review of Your Options

Providing a good bed is important for your furry friend at any age. Beds provide support for the joints and back and also provide a sense of security.

When you are searching for an orthopedic dog bed to help ease the aches and pains of an older dog, you want to find the one that is right for your canine friend. Be sure to select one that is appropriate to your pup’s size and weight.

Larger dogs will need a larger, thicker bed to adequately support their weight while sleeping. You will also need a thick cover that is durable enough to hold up to a larger dog’s movements.

In addition to size, you should consider your animal’s sleeping style. A dog that likes to stretch out will be most comfortable on a different type of bed than a dog that likes to curl up or rest against something.

There are many different beds for arthritic dogs, so by knowing your dog you will be able to select the best orthopedic dog bed for your pet.


Consider the Benefits of a Memory Foam Pet Bed

Many dogs with arthritis do better with a firm orthopedic memory foam dog bed that will help to evenly distribute the body weight of your dog while they are sleeping.

The proper material helps reduce pressure on your canine friend’s joints while they are resting. Memory foam provides the firm support your dog needs by contouring to the body so that their weight spreads more evenly. This reduces the stress on the joints and other key pressure points in the body.

A firm therapeutic dog bed also makes it easier for your pet to get in and out of the bed. When selecting the best memory foam dog bed for your pup, choose a bed that is thick enough and large enough to support your dog’s weight.

One of the best rated foam dog beds is the Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed. It is made with 7 inches of American-made therapeutic foam – the same type that is used to make expensive furniture. Mattresses like these are a preferred style of orthopedic dog beds for large and giant breed dogs – even Great Danes!

When selecting the proper size, measure your dog’s size while lying down and add twelve inches to the length and width. This allows for extra space to stretch out and to provide full support to the body. If the area is too small, a limb may hang off the edge and place stress on the joints.

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When to Get an Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

If your pup is more comfortable leaning against something or propping their head up on a pillow, consider a bolster bed. An orthopedic bolster dog bed like the PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed provides bolster armrests for your pup to lean against or put their head on while resting.

The orthopedic foam provides the support and comfort needed to help ease the pain of arthritis. Bolster beds have raised sides to provide the security and comfort many dogs like.

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Many small dogs prefer a bed like the Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler which has extra deep walls. This bed provides a cozy environment with a round shape that encourages snuggling and helps to keep the body warm.

The downside to this bed is that although it will keep your little ones joints warm, it doesn’t contain any type of memory foam.

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When to Consider Heated Pet Beds

If you have arthritis or know someone with arthritis, you know that cold, damp conditions tend to make the pain of arthritis worse.

If you live in a cold climate, keeping your arthritic dog warm can be a challenge.

Heated dog beds for arthritis, like heating pads for people can help provide comfort and ease the pain of arthritis.

A heated pet bed will provide gentle heat to help reduce stiffness and keep your dog warm as they sleep.


How to Choose A Bed For Your Arthritic Dog?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best bed for an older dog.

The best options for dogs with arthritis will provide the support and comfort to ease joint pain. A key component of any bed is a firm, supportive orthopedic foam.

Best Orthopedic Dog BedsA memory foam pet bed will adjust to the contours of your dog’s body and thus distribute weight evenly. This prevents undue pressure and stress on the joints while resting.

In addition to finding a bed with orthopedic memory foam, you want to find the size and style of bed that is best for your pup.

For larger breed dogs, it is important to get extra large memory foam dog beds that are big and thick enough to fully support the animal’s body weight. Most larger dogs do well on a mattress style bed so they have room to stretch out.

If your pup prefers the security of sleeping against something or curling up in a tight ball, you will want to consider orthopedic bolster beds.

Finally, if your dog is likely to encounter cold or damp conditions, shop for heated dog beds for arthritis. The proper heated pet bed will provide comfort to stiff joints without overheating your dog while they sleep.

By considering your dogs size, environment and sleeping style you can select the best orthopedic dog bed for your aging friend.

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