The Best Chinchilla Toys & Accessories For Any Budget In 2023

Here’s a little secret… These Chinchilla toys & accessories aren’t just fun for your chinchilla, the best toys are also fun for you.

If you’re looking to treat your favorite little pal to a new toy and to watch them light up as they play with it, or if you’re just looking forward to seeing your chinchilla be silly, here are some good toys that’ll inspire tons of fun, and help keep their mind sharp and active.

Also, we’ve tossed in a few top accessories that are good to have, too, so that you can add some stuff to your cart that’s not just for fun, but also beneficial to your chinchilla’s health and well-being.

Not a bad deal, hey?

Take a few minutes to peruse this curated selection of the very best chinchilla toys and accessories that every pet should have!

Soft Hanging House Chinchilla Accessory

emours Small Animal Warmly House Cage Hanging Bed with Bed Mat for...
  • Made of top grade high quality flannelette. Soft and comfortable
  • Size: 20 x 25 x 20cm / 8 inch x 10 inch x 8 inch (L x W x H)
  • Washable , clamp design ,and keep your pet warm in the cold winter
  • Great for Chinchilla , Guinea pigs , Squirrel 0ther Similar Size Animals
  • With bed mat, washable ,and it¡¯s easy for replacement .The cage bed is large enough for 2 little...

You’ll love: The affordable price, and how easy it is to setup.

Your pet will love: A soft, comfortable, happy little place for them to escape the hustle and bustle of modern day life!

This cozy little house looks like a loaf of bread, and it’ll make a perfect place for your little loaf of fur to hang out when they want a little privacy. It measures about 8 inches by 10 inches by 8 inches, and is made from a soft and luxurious flannelette fabric.

Soft places for your pets to spend time are great, but the downside to fabric is that it can get stinky over time, and you can’t just rinse it out in the sink like you can with toys and shelters that are made from plastic. Having said that, you can empty out any stay poops, bedding, etc, and toss it in the washing machine and it’ll be as good as new!

Teeth Grinding Lava Blocks Chinchilla Accessory

Pawliss 2 Inch Hamster Chew Toys,Teeth Grinding Lava Block for Small Animal...
  • Natural lava rock, ideal material for chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rats, rabbits and other furry...
  • These chew toys are healthy, eco-friendly, safe, suitable for safe chewing.
  • Make the sharpness of their nails smooth as well
  • Lightweight, most pets will be able to push, toss, and roll it
  • 2"x2"x2" each cube, pack of 6

You’ll love: Knowing your chinchilla has everything they need to take proper care of their teeth.

Your pet will love: Having an easy way to maintain their dental health without having to gnaw on their cage, etc.

By human standards, something that you grind against your teeth probably isn’t your idea of a perfect toy, but for chinchillas it’s very important for their oral health to be able to keep their teeth from getting too long. These lava blocks for chinchillas can also stop them from trying to chew and grind their teeth against their cage and other stuff in their cage, while making the whole process a lot easier on them.

Each cube is 2 inches in size, and you get six of them in a pack, which should last you quite a while. They can hold up to your chinchilla’s teeth very well, but just be careful when you’re unpacking them from their plastic wrappers, if you’re too forceful it’s possible to accidentally crumble them yourself.

The pumice isn’t super hard, but it’s strong enough to help your small pets to control the growth of their teeth. These are also great for hamsters, rats, and even pet rabbits so if you have a few smaller pets, stock up!

Incredible Chinchilla Wheel – Top Chinchilla Toy

15" Chin Spin - Chinchilla Wheel - Handmade in USA
  • ULTRA HEAVY DUTY AND BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME - All metal/wood construction, No plastic to chew on,...
  • SAFE OPEN WHEEL DESIGN with a wide running surface.Dual ball bearings for long lasting performance,...
  • GREAT VALUE & PEACE OF MIND - Durably mounts to all wire cages. Its BIG so make sure it will fit in...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you don’t love your Spin, We will replace or refund your purchase.
  • QUALITY CAGE CRAFTERS is not the cheapest chinchilla cages and chinchilla wheels, but it is the...

You’ll love: The INCREDIBLE build quality, and never having to buy another loud, annoying, cheap plastic wheel. It’s easy to take apart and clean and it’ll be as good as new again.

Your pet will love: A much smoother, quieter exercise experience that’ll keep them much more motivated to hop on the wheel.

Most people who keep small pets have dealt with the usual petshop-special exercise wheels. They’re often loud, not very smooth to run on after a while, made from plastic that gets chewed up quickly, and generally just not great.

This wheel, made by Quality Cage Crafters, is basically a work of art. It’s meant to last for the life of your pet (and you can pass it down to your next caged pets), made from strong metal and wood without any plastic pieces.

It’s more costly than the typical wheel, but it’s also a massive 15″ so it’s perfect for chinchillas, and when you consider having to buy a new plastic wheel every couple of years for optimal performance, it pays for itself very soon – and offers a much better exercise experience for your chinchilla.

If you can afford it, this is a fantastic accessory for any chinchilla cage. If not, a regular plastic wheel will still do the trick, just make sure it’s large and sturdy enough.

Here’s a decent enough plastic exercise wheel for chinchillas, it’s not the best out there but it’s much more affordable and it’s still a lot better than nothing:

Kaytee Silent Spinner Wheel for Pet Chinchillas, Rats, and Hedgehogs, Giant...

Chinchilla Herb Sticks

Vitakraft Chinchilla Whole Grains & Herb Treat Sticks 2 Pack, 3.5 Ounce
  • Triple Baked For Crunchiness And Great Taste.
  • Natural Wood Stick Center Provides Your Chinchilla With Long Lasting Chewing Fun.
  • Made With Herbs And Whole Grains That Your Chinchilla Will Find Tastes Great.
  • Vitamin Fortified Containing Only Top Quality Ingredients Such As Specially Selected Grains Plus...
  • Includes A Clip Holder Which Clips Easily To The Cage For Dispensing.

You’ll love: Seeing your chinchilla get excited to nibble on this treat, and having a good chew stick after they’re done.

Your pet will love: The tasty flavors and, once again, the chance to take care of their teeth.

After a good workout session on their wheel, your chinchilla will love biting into this tasty treat. These snacks are triple-baked so they’re extra crunchy, which your pet will love. They’re made with whole grains for a healthy snack, and herbs for extra flavor. In the center of this stick, once your chinchilla has nibbled away all of the treats, is a wooden chew toy that they’ll love to chew on since it’ll still taste like treats.

For something a little different, check out these calcium treats:

Vitakraft Crunch Sticks Honey Flavor with Added Calcium Chinchilla Treat (2...
  • Triple Baked For Crunchiness And Great Taste.
  • Natural Wood Stick Center Provides Your Chinchilla With Long Lasting Chewing Fun.
  • Fortified With Extra Calcium To Support Teeth & Bone Development
  • Vitamin Fortified Containing Only Top Quality Ingredients Such As Specially Selected Grains Plus...
  • Includes A Clip Holder Which Clips Easily To The Cage For Dispensing.

These are the same as the herb sticks, except they’re infused with extra calcium and even have some added honey for when it’s time to let your special little pal really indulge! Other than that, they’re very similar, with the same wooden stick at the core for your chinchilla to chew on once they’ve nibbled away all of the treats.

Both of these flavors are excellent treats, that turn into good chew toys – how perfect is that?

Chilling Granite Stone Chinchilla Accessory

Kaytee Chinchilla Chiller Granite Stone
  • Made of granite stone to keep chinchillas cool and healthy
  • Can be placed anywhere inside chinchilla's home
  • 6-Inch long, 10-inch wide

You’ll love: Add some style and sophistication, maybe even match those counter-tops you’ve had your eyes on.

Your pet will love: A cool place to unwind when they’re feeling a little hot.

Even though we think chinchillas are very cool pets, their bodies can get uncomfortably warm sometimes! These granite pads offer your chinchilla a cooler place to sit down to help regulate their body temperatures.

You simply place the stone anywhere in your chinchilla’s cage and it’ll give them a slightly cooler spot to sit. Granite stays a little bit cooler than room temperature, and that can make all of the difference for your chinchilla.

These granite stones for chinchillas are super easy to clean, and on a very hot day you could even put it in the fridge or freezer briefly to get it even cooler. This is a must have!

Since we’re used to setting the temperatures in our homes to something that keeps us comfortable, sometimes people forget that we’ve got to take the comfort of our pets into account, too!

Final Thoughts On Chinchilla Toys

There are all sorts of other toys you can get for your chinchilla, some people will get stuffed animals for the cage, etc. Just be mindful that there aren’t any pieces on it that your chinchilla might accidentally try to eat, or any sharp edges they could cut themselves on, etc.

It’s good to stick to stuff that’s actually meant for pets if you’re unsure, but you can still get a little creative when it’s time to setup a chinchilla cage, too.

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