54 Best Cat Names from Movies and TV for Male and Female Cats

If you’re a cat lover who’s also a movie buff or a big fan of T.V. and in need of cat name ideas for kittens or even an older cat that needs a name, you’ve come to the right place.

There are many great feline characters in the entertainment world, so here’s our list of the best cat names from movies and T.V. to inspire you.

This list includes male cat names and female cat names, along with explanations and which types of personalities may fit best with each of these ideas!


Best Cat Names From Movies – Male & Female

Whether relegated to the background in small parts or given starring roles, cats have enhanced our enjoyment when incorporated into the stories of our favorite movies. From evil villains to heroic saviors, cats and kittens have embodied characters that can delight, terrify or inspire us all.


1) Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

Disney Cat Names: CheshireThe Cheshire Cat in the movie Alice in Wonderland first intrigued readers in the original book by Lewis Carroll, with his wide and mysteriously mischievous grin. Delighting audiences in various formats including film and T.V., the Cheshire cat would disappear, momentarily leaving behind his mocking smile.

If you have a kitten who has a smug disposition and loves milk, cream and cheese, Cheshire Cat is a perfect name, especially if it shows signs of being amusing and perplexing at the same time. This name denotes mystery, with a teasing twist of nonchalance.


2) Mr. Bigglesworth from Austin Powers

mr bigglesworthWhether or not you have a hairless kitten, Mr. Bigglesworth is an amusing name and a parody of the fluffy cat owned by the villain in the Bond movie franchise. In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Mr. Bigglesworth is a hairless Sphynx who also has a mini-me version of himself.

Perfect for a cat who enjoys sitting in your lap while seeming to be in sync with your own hidden thoughts and agendas, this name has characteristics that are synonymous with the phrase “partners in crime.”


3) Garfield from Garfield The Cat

garfield the cat namesFirst appearing in cartoons and comic strips, Garfield is an orange tabby who considers himself a gourmand with a deep love for lasagna and Italian cuisine. Famous around the world, this cat is lazy, hates Mondays and enjoys the occasional cup of coffee.

If your kitten displays these traits, along with gluttonous greed, Garfield could be the name of choice. This goes double for a kitten who enjoys tormenting dopey dogs, like the way Garfield teases Odie – his unwitting sidekick.


4) Buttercup from The Hunger Games

Buttercup from Hunger GamesFans of The Hunger Games will remember Buttercup, who was first a black and white cat and then a fluffy orange tabby, owned by Katniss’ sister, Prim. Buttercup is threatened to be eaten by Katniss when in a mild temper, however they soon become friends towards the end of the series.

For a kitten or cat who’s already been through a lot, Buttercup is a lovely reminder of the gentler side of felines. It could be indicative of a furry friend who comforts you in a crisis or simply a gentle puss who loves to cuddle.


5) Mr. Bitey from Kick-Ass

Mr. BiteyIn the 2010 movie called Kick-Ass, Aaron is keen to start his superhero career by saving a lost cat named Mr. Bitey, seeing as he can’t find suitable people who need saving. He finds him on a billboard, which turns out to be an arduous attempt to save the stubborn cat, who will not come down.

This name would be obviously apt for a kitten who loves to bite, but if your kitty has a stubborn streak and often finds himself in precarious predicaments, Mr. Bitey is a hilarious name that will surely endear him to all who don’t mind a few nips on the fingers and toes.


6) Milo from The Adventures of Milo and Otis

MiloOrange tabbies are popular in movies and Milo is no exception. The heart-warming story of Milo and Otis follows a pug and a cat through various adventures after being split up, until they finally settle down with litters of their own. Their long and sometimes dangerous journey is a testament to friendship.

A kitten who often gets himself into trouble could be named Milo, especially if he is helped by a canine friend. Hopefully your cat will not find himself in the same frightening positions that Milo endured, but a sense of adventure is a good indication that this name will fit.


7) Sassy from Homeward Bound

Sassy from Homeward BoundSassy is the aptly-named cat from the 1993 movie Homeward Bound. She is a Himalayan cat, and one of many cats from Disney properties that appear on this list.

As her name suggests, she has a sassy personality that might fit your cat perfectly. This would be an especially cute name if you happen to have a couple of dogs as well.


8) Snowbell from Stuart Little

SnowbellSnowbell is the Littles’ Persian cat from the 1999 movie adaptation Stuart Little. He was voiced by Nathan Lane, a familiar voice from Disney’s The Lion King and The Lion King ½.

Although he originally despised Stuart, they eventually became good friends often protecting each other. If your cat is slow to warm up to people, this would be a fitting name!


9) Mr. Tinkles from Cat and Dogs

Mr TinklesMr. Tinkles is the main villain of the 2001 movie Cats and Dogs. Like Snowbell, he is a white Persian cat but there is nothing positive about him. He is known for his hatred of dogs and devious plan to make every human allergic to them.

While we hope your pets get along, this name would be fitting for a cat who despises sharing their space with dogs.


10) Floyd from Ghost

Floyd the Cat from the movie GhostFloyd is the cat belonging to Demi Moore’s character in the movie Ghost. Released in 1990, this popular movie features famous actors Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.

Whether you’re a fan of the plot or the actors, naming your cat Floyd would be a fitting homage to the film. This movie has some very iconic scenes  from cinematic history, but chances are most people won’t immediately recognize the name “Floyd” as being from the movie Ghost, so it’s a good conversation starter, too, if you don’t mind explaining the origins of the name.


11) Rhubarb from Rhubarb

RhubarbRhubarb is the feisty feral-turned-pet cat from the 1951 movie adaptation of the same name. Shortly after being taken in by a prominent millionaire, Rhubarb becomes the beneficiary of his late owner’s money and failing baseball team. He is known for being a clever cat who motivates the failing baseball to succeed.

If you are looking for a unique name for your loyal feline, Rhubarb should fit the bill.


12) Winkie from Escape to Witch Mountain

WinkieWinkie is the companion of Tia and Tony Malone in Disney’s 1975 movie adaptation of Escape to Witch Mountain. She is a loyal friend to the children and uses her quick-wit to help them throughout the movie.

If your cat is particularly clever, Winkie is a great name to consider. There are many Disney cat names featured on this list, and Winkie is one of the most obscure ones, so it’s great for a Disney fan who wants something a little less common for their unique little buddy.


13) Duchess from Babe

DuchessDuchess is the spoiled grey Persian cat (anyone else noticing a trend here?) from the 1995 movie, Babe. This is a movie that is beloved by animal lovers, but not all of the animals in this movie are friendly or possess traits you would want to see from your own pet.

She is not a nice cat, even going as far to tell Babe that every pig gets eaten eventually. If you have a bit of a jerk cat, Duchess might be the name for them. 


14) Figaro from Pinocchio

Figaro Cat Name IdeasFigaro is Mister Geppetto’s kitten from the 1940 classic Disney adaptation of Pinocchio. Although he is described as spoiled and easily angered, he will always do the right thing in the end.

It’s worth noting that Figaro was one of Walt Disney’s favorite characters, and appeared in several short films of his own. If you’re a Disney fanatic, you might want to consider naming your next kitten after Figaro.


15, 16, 17, 18, 19) Duchess, Thomas, Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz from The Aristocats

The AristocatsDisney’s The Aristocats follows the adventures of well-to-do mother cat, Duchess, and her three kittens: Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz as they try to find their way home after being abandoned by their wealthy owner’s disgruntled butler. Luckily, they encounter the streetwise and kind alley cat, Thomas O’Malley, who helps them along the way.

If you are looking to name multiple cats or kittens, we think naming them all after The Aristocats is super cute!


20) Jones from Alien

JonesYou don’t have to be a space traveler to have a cat called Jones, although this ginger cat is the crew’s pet in Alien and the sequel, where he encounters a huge xenomorph who kills the poor crewmate sent to find him when he wanders off into the bowels of the ship, Nostromo.

Also known as Jonesy, this  cat got to cuddle with Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) for 57 years in hyper sleep. If your kitty is a big napper who shows no fear when confronting a large adversary, Jones or Jonesy might be the name for him, especially if he likes to wander off into dangerous situations.


21) Mrs. Norris from Harry Potter

Mrs. Norris from Harry PotterPerfect for a cat who likes to be a meanie, Mrs. Norris is the nasty feline in the Harry Potter series, owned by the equally nasty caretaker, Argus Filch. Disliked by the students at Hogwart’s, she has the uncanny skill of knowing when the children are up to no good, before alerting her owner.

No one likes a tattle-tale, but if your kitty exhibits these tendencies and alerts you to danger, or at least – to interloping critters in your home, Mrs. Norris is a fine name to bestow upon your feline friend. Who knows, she could also be a shape-shifter or at least, possess magical powers.


22) Bob from A Street Cat Named Bob

Bob_from_A_Street_Cat_Named_BobThe well-loved true story about a busker who is a former drug addict, saved by a stray cat, is called ‘A Street Cat Named Bob.’ The real cat stars in this heart-wrenching tale, which is set in London and follows the pair, who are inseparable, through many ups and downs.

If you’ve found a stray who will not leave your side no matter what, Bob is the name for him. Even though it’s a simple name, it’s evocative of a cat who has more compassion than most people and who understands you more than you know yourself.


23) Binx from Hocus Pocus

Binx from Hocus PocusThis talking cat from the hugely popular movie Hocus Pocus is named Binx. He helps to defeat the wicked witches, called the Sanderson Sisters, who have come back from the dead. Binx used to be a normal boy back in the 17th century, but a curse put on him by Winifred (Bette Midler) turned him into a black cat.

Every Halloween, he watches for the sister’s return and he risks his own life defending the town against them. If your kitten is black and has a penchant for alerting you to danger, then Binx might be the perfect name, particularly if you are a big fan of Halloween.


24) Ulysses from Inside Llewyn Davis

Ulysses from Inside Llewyn DavisAnother orange cat, Ulysses is a key character in the Coen brother’s movie ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, where he is locked out of his apartment after Llewyn has crashed for the night. Llewyn is down on his luck and trying to become a folk singer, so he has no option but to take the cat with him.

Ulysses eventually escapes and continues to have bad luck of his own, but he eventually finds his way home. If your cat has endured his own odysseys and prefers to stay at home, this name will prove to be quite fitting, provided you make sure you don’t lock him out or leave him with strangers.


25) Keanu from Keanu

Keanu from KeanuWhile his last name isn’t Reeves, this cute little kitten stars in the movie of the same name, where his owner (Jordan Peele) loses Keanu to a thief who steals him. Partnering with his cousin (Keegan-Michael Key), they impersonate drug dealers to find the missing kitty, who is now living the thug life.

When they find Keanu, he is wearing a gold chain and black bandanna and they can’t get him back unless he works for the gangster who has taken ownership of the hapless kitten. If your cat enjoys hip-hop and rap or seems to be a little thug himself, Keanu could fit the bill.


26) Felix from Felix the Cat

Felix the CatFelix the Cat is a beloved piece of animation history, entertaining generations of kids and parents. Felix was first introduced in 1919, and has had numerous shows and movies ever since. It’s also a recognizable human name, too.


Best Cat Names From T.V. – Male & Female

There’s are lots of famous names for cats to choose from so if you need inspiration from cats on T.V. there are plenty of cool names below. If your cat likes to sit with you while you watch your favorite shows, you might want to check their reactions if a cat appears on the screen. Maybe they can pick their own name!


27) Sylvester the Cat from Looney Tunes

sylvester the catYour kitten doesn’t have to be a Tuxedo cat to be called Sylvester, which is one of the most famous cat names on T.V. Also known as Puddy Tat and Sylvester J. Pussy Cat, this Looney Tunes star often exclaimed “Sufferin’ succotash” and was constantly in pursuit of Tweety Bird to be his next meal.

Also seen being outsmarted by a baby kangaroo, Sylvester was only trying to stave off starvation and the pitiful sight of him resorting to picking through garbage endeared him to anyone who’d ever been down on their luck. Your cat should be proud to be called Sylvester, if only for his unending quest for food.


28) Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Salem from SabrinaWho doesn’t love a wise-cracking, talking cat? If your kitten is a black cat, then Salem should be one of the names on the top of your list. Starring in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, this kitty was sometimes a robotic version, when the need for talking and amateur dramatics arose.

If your cat exhibits characteristics that are akin to the desire for world-domination, becoming rich or famous, then Salem is an excellent choice, particularly if he’s mischievous and tends to cry a lot when he doesn’t get what he wants. Don’t forget his charming surname, Saberhagen.


29) Isis from Star Trek

isis from star trekThis name comes from the Egyptian Goddess, but it was also the name for the shape-shifting woman who starred in an episode of the original Star Trek series. Accompanying Gary Seven on secret missions, Isis was more than just a pet. She spoke with Seven via telepathy and watched over his every move.

Especially great for black cats, Isis is a name that is evocative of mystery, magic and secrets that only you and your cat know about. If your puss seems to be able to read your thoughts, this is a perfect name that will help create a special bond, if you haven’t already achieved this level of closeness.

Also the name of a classic Bob Dylan song, you might get some confused looks at first when you tell people this name, but it should be pretty obvious that you haven’t named your cat after a terrorist organization.


30) Tom from Tom and Jerry

Tom from Tom and JerryWho doesn’t love this simple yet strong name which is also a descriptive name for male cats? If you’re a fan of the show Tom and Jerry, you’ll appreciate the ups and downs of this put-upon cat, who was constantly at odds with the annoyingly mischievous mouse called Jerry.

A domestic grey and white, short-hair cat, his full name is Thomas Jasper and he is the enemy of Jerry, who lives a pampered life. Tom is a great name if your cat is just trying to live his life pure and simple, without the need for fussing or being treated like a precious puss.


31) Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy

Stimpy from Ren and StimpyFrom the crazy show that was geared more towards adults, Stimpy was the dumb, chubby cat who constantly aggravated his friend Ren the chihuahua. Ren and Stimpy contains a lot of violence and disgusting references, but the popularity of the show was due to its irreverent humor.

While Ren enjoys the finer things in life, he also has a fondness for inventing, but Stimpy often gets in the way or foils Ren’s plans. Stimpy is a fitting name if your kitten is dopey, clumsy and plump, but at heart is a loving – if not unwittingly annoying feline.


32) Spot from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Spot from Star Trek: The Next GenerationAnother spacey feline, Spot was adored by Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation. This tabby received a lot of attention from Data, which is strange because he was a robot, but who doesn’t love a cat who adores being petted? It’s interesting to note that Spock also was enamored with cats.

Spot is usually a name for dogs, which is what makes it an unusual choice, since cats don’t usually have spots like dogs do. Still, if your kitty has the knack for turning even the coldest of humans into a fur-stroking devotee, you might consider this name to honor this well-loved show.


33) Scratchy from The Simpsons

ScratchyFans of The Simpsons know all about Scratchy, who is often attacked quite violently by Itchy the horrible mouse. Many parents revolted against the show, not only for the smart-aleck way Bart speaks to his elders, but also for the over-the-top violence committed by these two characters.

Hopefully your cat won’t be beleaguered by fleas, hence the name – unless he likes to tear up the furniture or your legs. If he is the type who loves to bear his claws, even if it’s just to sharpen them, Scratchy will do just fine, providing there’s no mouse waiting to terrorize him.


34) Mr. Jinks from Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks

Mr. JinksThis cat is from a lesser known cartoon called Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks, which was featured on the Huckleberry Hound show from 1958 to 1961. Famous for exclaiming, “I hate those meeces to pieces” he was constantly outwitted by the two mice, much like the escapades in Tom and Jerry.

Also used for the cat who starred in Meet the Parents, who could flush the toilet and did his business in the spilled ashes of a relative when the urn crashed onto the floor (after being hit by a flying champagne cork); Mr. Jinks is a name that comes across as snooty, which is great if your cat has an attitude.


35) Fluffy from The Brady Bunch

Fluffy from The Brady BunchThis is a typical name for a fluffy cat and it was used for the short-lived character in the Brady Bunch, owned by the girls in the pilot episode. Since the boys had a dog, there was much consternation when the dog chased after Fluffy and anyone who’s argued with dog lovers understands the girl’s anguish.

For some unknown reason, Fluffy only had one more appearance later in the series. If your cat is fluffy and tends to disappear a lot, this name is applicable, even though your friends might think you checked out when trying to come up with something more exotic.


36) Lord Tubbington from Glee

Lord Tubbington from GleeGlee was a popular, musical T.V. series, which had Brittany Pierce interviewing her chubby cat, Lord Tubbington, in her Fondue for Two internet talk show. Partial to human food and apparently addicted to ecstasy, Lord Tubbington has a variety of bizarre skills and a gambling addiction, to name a few.

If you have a fat cat who exhibits strange behavior, then this name could be applicable. Hopefully you won’t find him performing strange antics or pooping candy bars, which is what Brittany tried to get Lord Tubbington to do, by rubbing his belly with glitter sticks.


37) Toonces from Saturday Night Live

Toonces from Saturday Night LiveFans of Saturday Night Live will know about this cat, who was the star of the periodic sketches called ‘Toonces: The Cat who could Drive a Car.’ The funny by-line was “He can drive. Just not very well.” With a variety of hilarious accidents, like driving off a cliff and crashing a UFO, Toonces had an excuse.

Claiming that his bad driving skills were due to having had brain surgery, Toonces also had an incident with a mechanical bull. If your kitten is a clumsy cat who doesn’t learn from past mistakes, this name would be a perfect choice.


38) Lucky from Alf

Lucky from AlfIn the sitcom called Alf, who was an alien from another planet where cats were a common menu item, Lucky was the Tanner family’s pet cat. The Tanners allowed Alf to live under their roof provided he didn’t eat the cat, which was a running gag throughout the series.

Alf was repeatedly seen trying to eat Lucky in a variety of different ways, such as being stuck in a sandwich, but Alf soon learned to love him. If your cat seems to be running through his nine lives faster than other cats you’ve known, you might want to call him or her Lucky.


Honorable Mentions (Good Cat Names)

  • 39) Boo Boo Kitty, the toy cat from Laverne and Shirley
  • 40) Top Cat from the cartoon Top Cat
  • 41) Monkey, the Siamese cat from Perry Mason
  • 42) Charley Cat from from Marmaduke
  • 43) Muffy from Shipping Wars
  • 44) Bagpuss from Bagpuss
  • 45) Kitty from The Closer
  • 46) Miss Kitty Fantastico from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • 47) Miss Paw from Big Barn Farm
  • 48) Angie and Fiddle from The Friendly Giant
  • 49) Winkie from Escape to Witch Mountain
  • 50) Duchess from Babe
  • 51) Lucifer from Cinderella
  • 52) Figaro from Pinocchio
  • 53) Meowthra from The Lego Ninjago movie
  • 54) Pyewacket from Bell Book and Candle

There’s a lot to choose from in this list of Famous Cat Names from Movies and T.V. If you haven’t already decided on a name from this list, you might want to consider naming your precious kitten after your favorite human movie or T.V. star – or their character.

Whatever you choose, try and match it to your cat’s personality, which could be multiple names depending on their various moods.


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